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We, humans, often go living our lives as if it was a race. The fixation of "more" does not only apply to material things but to spirituality as well. We desire to be "more" loving, free, enlightened, humble. I certainly did that until I figured out that it made me unhappy for I was always feeling guilty of not being good enough or I would feel just the opposite, meaning I would feel great or better and I realized how pretentious I could be as well.
When one searches for "more" or wants to be "more", one may find out that one forgets just to "be" what one IS in the very moment. So much stress and tension is lived in this process of attainment. I am not saying that one should never have hopes, dreams and desires. What I have discovered over the years is that when we look for more out of the impression of lacking something, we often feel we are never going to reach or be content. It seems that we are always at choice when it comes to our reactions to any situation happening in our lives. When we stop putting labels of "higher" or "lower", the "more or better" aspect vanishes. It is not about attainment anymore but about experience. One may choose to experience something of any levels. Ultimatetly, one starts to realize that NOW is all there is and that the ultimate constant in the Universe may well be what is referred to as the "Nothingness." The race can then stop. Our lives do not have to be hectic.

© Sylvie Giroux 2005
Amritsaya Putrah : We are sons of immortality...
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Thank you Sylvie.

Interesting topic. I think the same does not apply to everyone. Some of us thrive and benefit from a bit of stress and action. We actually enjoy it and thrive on it, it gives us an incentive to keep going. I for one don't want to just be in the now, I find it boring. A bit of doing things and seeing the result gives me something to look forward to; but you are right, we need to relax a bit.

In some unfortunate cases there are sick family members who need constant care and attention, and the choice is not there to be in the now. These unfortunate beings may not thrive on stress, but others depend on them being in the action.

Thank you for the interesting topic Sylvie, I would love to keep on discussing this, but now action calls.

Sue Cat Cat2
Hi Sue,

For some reason I can't access the usual reply fonction. I am using Quick reply.

Being in the now does not mean to not be in action. In fact ,when being in action one is most of the time, in the now.

Taking care of sick people is being in the now. When our full attention is to what is and what is done...We are fully in the present. Even when we suffer. I will write the next post
Amritsaya Putrah : We are sons of immortality...
We all live under a certain amount of stress and not all stress is negative. In fact, according to the mosr recent scientific research, nothing is static. Even a rock is in constant movement although it appers to be solid to the human eye. So stress and tension is a part of who we are, at the molecular level.

Being present to one's pain and suffering instead of denying or fighting it, is said to open up the door of transcendance. We often hear this saying : " What you resists, persists". So I truely believe that when we get sick...we should embrace and accept everything, even the pain and possibility of death, to be able to transcend both!
Amritsaya Putrah : We are sons of immortality...
The whole art of meditation does not only mean to sit in the lotus position and be silent for some amount of time. It means to be fully present to what is and who we are in every single instant. This is awareness.

Our minds can be trained to be use only when necessary, just like we do with our legs. Have you ever notice that when we are fully present to what we uneccesary thoughts are there? So my point is not to be in non-action, but to be fully present while in action. This is waht happens when I write poetry...I am fully there, listening and writing.
Amritsaya Putrah : We are sons of immortality...
Hi Sylvie,
Thank you for the very inspiring post.

I agree with Sue. I love being busy and doing things for a reward or a purpose.It is nice to have the anticipation and I get bored with nothing to do. This does not mean that I do not enjoy just relaxing at home by myself.

My form of meditation is to look at beautiful flowers and listen to soothing classical music like Frederic Chopin, or looking at the geese and ducks on the lake.

I don't dwell on the now. I just get on with it and wehatever I need to do.

Love, Inda
Wow I find this soooo interesting Staranza Nutty-Buddy Sylvie! Clap Animated1
But one knows that now is all there is and that the ultimate constant in the Universe is the Nothingness.
Talking about nothing again... Googly

My uncle Paul Warwick and aunt Jenny used to run Chugyam Trungpta's meditation center where people would come to meditate for a weekend, literally.
Trungpta's book I read first was: "Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism." Think of what the title means for a minute. Do you remember that YOGALYMPICS post a few years ago where the yogi was yelling at the others: "I am more enlightened than you!" what a laugh.. Laughing

One part of Cutting-Through... that I like to paraphrase was: "You want to be enlightened. That is a desire! You want to be desireless!" (my own paraphrasing). At one point one has to have the desire to be desireless, even though this is a contradiction!

It's sort of like awareness of the self. We have to totally obliterate a part, an aspect of the self, ego, which Wayne Dyer called "Earth Guide Only," and I call EARTH GUIDE ON. We destroy mercilessly this part - but the trick is that when we destroy the unenlightened part of the self, the part that wants to be a separate identity, then we achieve a higher awareness, and we are more fully our selves.

It sounds ironic to eliminate a part of the self to be a more full self huh? Well I believe fully that that is the real message.

May I not be in the way of my art.

That was a great lesson I got from one of the dear poets on the old Chopra boards. I have been taking it very seriously for years now. I feel that there are parts, aspects, attitudes that lie within us that want to stay, to continue, to be separate from larger aspects where they are only a fraction. We subdue these separatist elements and merge them, incorporate and assimilate them into our larger awareness. They survive fine actually, but in a larger view and appreciation that THE WHOLE is more important.

Another "teacher" I got a lot from is Bagwan "Osho" Rajneesh.

I think it was in his "Book Of Secrets" that he says something to the effect that: We are born innocent, then we have to go through a lot of (book) learning, that is "falling from Grace." This is necessary. Then at some point we need to throw away all the books and learning, and simply live our learning. He had other interesting techniques like imagining you don't have a head, blocking all the openings to the head with your fingers, funny things that get you to think beyond what your brain figures out.

Because I think musically, and grew up around too much spirituality, to me it is extremely clear: Your lower aspects "die," and you are "reborn" in the heart.

Going up the major scale, 7 notes and 7 "chakras" hum? well, if you sing "Do - Re - Mi...." and just hold that note, it wants to resolve to the "Fa!" which is the 4th step, heart level in synchrodestiny mumbo jumbo. I like to think that we just "sublimate" the lower energies, we just may need them some time! At least to know why other people still have them. Perhaps it is making the reptilian brain accept it's softer mamallain brain surroundings.

It is scientifically known that our conscious mind is only a small portion of our full mind. The subconscious has so incredibly many tasks to do all the time! I think there is a nothingness technique that we need to master so that our separatist egos can sublimate into our fuller awareness. So we have to on one hand stay fully aware of being nothingness, but this allows us to more be aware of a larger beingness.

One can take this mathematically to suggest that since there is more distance between every atom than atoms, that most of everything simply IS nothingness! But... it is the things, and management of them that actually "is anything!" Both are there, the space, which is the vehicle and environment, and the moving that is within it. It is fun to overlap them though, and see the boat as a part of the ocean, the space as a part of the thing!

As far as "attainment" which is the title of this post, I'll share a funny tidbit: How can one know the unknowable? I think that if you come close to knowing it, it shifts and changes just so that you can't know it! Only logical. So the thing (and think) to do, in my little opinion, is make your path to knowing the unknowable a peaceful and joyful one. Have faith that you are doing all that you can do to be a good traveler toward the high directions. When people say they "know it all," watch out! Knowing something useful.. may be more important!

Some need to clear out all thoughts and focus on their paths, leaving all behind. Some have their path and need dilligent hard work. We shouldn't confuse the two, or act like one process is all.

May we all find our joys in our lessons to improve ourselves and the world we are in. And so it is. Amen.

Love and light being, Teo Do (Re, Mi, Fa, Soul..) Typing Book Idea Cloud9 Ying Love2 Angel Angel

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Hey Teo...

Thank you for this interesting reply to the post. Truth seems to be always paradoxical, isn't it? That is the mystery and beauty of it.

I just got to love that Osho. I wish more people would read him and his message instead of focusing on everything that surrounded him while he was in this physical plane of ours.

As I have mentionned to you before, I've always had a hard time meditating, sitting and using mantras. So my practice has been to be fully where I am in every moment as well as being aware of what is happening in my inner sky.

Amritsaya Putrah : We are sons of immortality...
So my practice has been to be fully where I am in every moment as well as being aware of what is happening in my inner sky.
"Inner sky" cool!

"Mindfulness" I think it's called. When you are aware of the various selves compartmentalizing well I call it "Whole-Eye-ness."

When the parts go to their respective spaces maybe it creates a circle, a circle is a zero "0" but it is also all, as in your recent beautiful poem you shared!

Joyful attainment to all, Teo Cool Cool

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

I love your replies and comments Teo.

I myself am happy and content with who and what I am. I deal with my daily tasks as they come along , good or bad. I don't allow myself to get carried away with too much mysticism and false sense of securities, although I do believe that there is a power within all of us that dictates our actions and our ultimate path in life.

Sue Cat Cat2
Hi freinds,

I, too, don't spend my time focusing on spirituality. I guess I am just being myself, whole, with everything that this

But as Teo said, I do practice mindfullness because I guess it has become a part of who I am along the years. Ying

Hey Teo...what is possible out of NOTHING ?? Razz

Amritsaya Putrah : We are sons of immortality...
We all have had different experiences in life,
this is why our values and behaviour patterns are different, and the same does not apply to all of us.

Some of us manage to be a drain on society and do "NOTHING", so one can dwell in the NOW, while others get up at five in the morning to make something out of nothing, and take care of the Nothings.
This does not mean that those who are disabled and sick don't need to be cared for by the more fortunate members of society.

Sue Cat Cat2
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Hi Sue and everyone !!

Sue, I was wondering if you would share with me what "NOTHING" means to you. I will share what I mean when I talk about "nothing". Nothing does not mean doing nothing to me. It means coming to every situation in our lives with a fresh outlook, leaving behind our past interpretations. So it is like a clear open space...and out of that "Nothingness". EVERYTHING is possible.

It is amazing how many different meanings can be given to one single word. I know we all have our own way to look at things. So to me..NOTHING is just a clear open space and has nothing to do with "doing nothing" ! WOW...lots of "nothings" in the past sentences...Teo will again say...that Kiliwia is again talking about...NOTHING.....hahahahahha

Being a mother of three...I tend to forget my own definition of NOTHING. Wink

Anyway, I love you all and wish you a great week-end.

Amritsaya Putrah : We are sons of immortality...

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