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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!

VIRTUOSO REALITY=Do you perfect your art 30 min a day? 3+ hrs? You live in here!

In this header we list Ahead-Of-Their-Time pieces to be used for Film•Video•Multimedia
• For Love For All
• Debussy Petit Negro on Wah-Wah Freeboards
• Beethoven’s Romance with Synthesized voice
• Piano version of Beethoven Romance (original arrangement)
• Hare Krishna in Blues Bossanova - Sung & played at once - Improvised vocals & piano jam!
Start in the B section of this bizarre version of a Mozart Waltz
• Piano version of the same Mozart Waltz
• Wild Synthesizer version of a Beautiful Bach Sonata for 2 keyboard
Following are TRIO SCORES rearrangements of favourites:
• Using Funky Clarinet to play Gluck/Berlios opera song Dance of the Blessed Spirits
• Amazing mix of drum machines, Latin Fusion & Flamenco Suitar Synthesizer, Afro-Caribbean Rumba
I still have to gather songs from these 2 CDs in Archives:
Universe Of Love:
I thought the following 2 CDs were published & online in Spotify, no, but here:
CD Soulsa:
Nice spacey jam on this CD:
Spacey Synth Latin Jam people like too:
CD: Funcalypso:
From Funcalypso that I think can be used in COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS:
Mostly Classical piano (Nice sequences of scores too) on our Spotify:

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