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On attainment

We, humans, often go living our lives as if it was a race. The fixation of "more" does not only apply to material things but to spirituality as well. We desire to be "more" loving, free, enlightened, humble. I certainly did that until I figured out that it made me unhappy for I was always feeling guilty of not being good enough or I would feel just the opposite, meaning I would feel great or better and I realized how pretentious I could be as well.
When one searches for "more" or wants to be "more", one may find out that one forgets just to "be" what one IS in the very moment. So much stress and tension is lived in this process of attainment. I am not saying that one should never have hopes, dreams and desires. What I have discovered over the years is that when we look for more out of the impression of lacking something, we often feel we are never going to reach or be content. It seems that we are always at choice when it comes to our reactions to any situation happening in our lives. When we stop putting labels of "higher" or "lower", the "more or better" aspect vanishes. It is not about attainment anymore but about experience. One may choose to experience something of any levels. Ultimatetly, one starts to realize that NOW is all there is and that the ultimate constant in the Universe may well be what is referred to as the "Nothingness." The race can then stop. Our lives do not have to be hectic.

© Sylvie Giroux 2005
Amritsaya Putrah : We are sons of immortality...
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