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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!
You are quite amazing. Keep up the positive thought, and we will help you overcome the cancer. It is leaving your body. Soon it will be completely gone. You will regain your energy and you will no longer feel tired.

Nicely said dear Yoko! Applause


"Sure, I have some rough days and sometimes they bring me down, but when I get through with my fussing I start remembering how much good has come of it and that the good has outweighed the bad."

That's a really great attitude too dear Susan! I like your good altitude! he he.. Bounce Abducted Angel

This thread or post or topic or wordever.. he he.. sure has some great healing messages, thanks to all! Kiss Love2 Stimpy Ren

Continuing to send positive vibes, healing thoughts and prayers. Seeing you happy and healthy. And so it is.

Love and *LIGHT* *BEING*, Teo Do (Re, Mi, Fa, Soul...) CoolDance CoolDance

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all the prayers. I am feeling better today. I keep getting the hiccups though. It's about to drive me crazy. They go away for a while and then come back again. After a while they start making me nauseas again. The strange thing is they usually go away if I lay down.

That seems like such a foolish thing to have bothering me. But I get them almost every day. And after choking that night when they started up again they make me afraid to eat.

I think I am going to lie down for a bit and see if these will go away.
I will express my faith through prayer.

This affirmation is about trusting in your vision. Right now you are only aware of spirit in glimpses. You sense your soul for a while, and then it vanishes again. Through faith you hold on to the ultimate vision. Prayer links you with who you are now with who you will be.

God and spirit, I pray to keep my vision ever before me.
I ask you to bless my journey.
I ask your divine helpers to protect me along the way.
I ask my inner guides to lead me forward!
I pray to the soul that is within, without, and everywhere that I may know myself as holy, and as whole.

Deepak Chopra
The Deeper Wound


Continuing to send my healing prayers to you.



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Thank you everyone. We did have a nice Valentine's Day. I'm able to eat again! I still have to be kind of careful and not eat very much, but it's getting better.

I never got a chance to get online yesterday. We got a call from Phyllis, my son's ex-girlfriend and Judah's Mother. They wound up spending the night over here. She came home yesterday and found her Grandmother dead. It shook her up pretty badly and she just didn't feel ready to sleep there. We sat up and talked until I started getting really tired. She was trying to blame herself for not being there when it happened. I think I got that settled with some help from her friends. She seemed to be much better today when they left.


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Dear Susan,

What a difficult time it must have been for you,and your friends, especially since you tire so quickly at the moment.
I am glad that your friend is feeling better, and that she does not blame herself. You have been a big comfort.
Fogiveness belongs to the heart, spirit will give the reason to forgive.


Continuing to send you positive energy. May you be comfortable and recover from now on without effort.

Have a nice weekend.

Love, Inda

Getting well does not need struggle. There is no enemy within. Recovery lies only at the level of Being.

Deepak Chopra
Journey Into Healing


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I remember the night Louis came home and told me Phyllis was pregnant. It wasn't the timing I would have chosen but I was never capable of being unhappy over new life.

We went by the next day to let Phyllis know he had told me and all I could say to her was that "While I might have prefered it to happen later, I couldn't be sorry. That her having my grandchild meant that, whether she and Louis stayed together or not, she would always be my daughter. I meant it then, but as time wore on, it bacame more and more the truth. Even complete with little Mother/Daughter spats every once in a while. I guess we are just too much alike to not have bonded the way we did.

They still gave me my chemo today and are going to give me at least one more cycle before I go to Taos at the end of March. Then he will decide how to treat the post cancer stage in the long term. Sometimes it goes away and comes back within 6 months and he doesn't want to take a chance on that. He's got to weigh it against how well I am tolerating the chemo itself and that isn't too good anymore.
How kind of you, dear Susan to post me a picture of your beautiful granddaughter. This really touches me deeply.
I am not able to come to Givnology every day since I do not have my own computer, and find it a bit difficult to get tone all the time, so I am very fortunate to see it this morning.

I am very happy that your test results were good. You have done it.

Sending lots of positive energy.
Have a nice rest of the week, and a pleasant weekend.

Dear Susan,

Your grandson is lovely. He looks like a very kind little boy.
It is wonderful to read about your test results.
You are a very strong and kind person and good results will be your reward.
Enjoy your lovely family and friends.

Sending you healing energy. Your body is healed.

Enjoy this weekend.


That which is timeless is found now
Buddhist wisdom
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Dear Susan,

It is very kind of you to share Judah's picture with us. You must be very proud of that lovely and kind looking little boy.

The Hawaiians have a beautiful saying:

A lei never forgotten is the beloved child.

Mary Kawena Pukui

...Be sure to remember the unconditional love of children. listen to them tell the story of their day and how the little things excite an delight them...

Renata Provenzano
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Thank you everyone. I truly am proud of him and of the job Phyllis is doing raising him on her own. He is as kind as he looks. When I am feeling under the weather he sits beside me and strokes my face so gently it almost makes me cry.

Shawna sent me pictures of Lillith and Cole the other day. I haven't gotten them transferred out of my mail yet, but as soon as I do I'll post a couple over here so you all can see them too.
I am so happy, dear Susan, to hear the good news that the spots are gone! This is something to celebrate. We give thanks for this divine gift. Still you need to be patient, but now you have this confirmation of healing and this will give you wings.

Judah is a lovely boy, thank you for sharing his picture. You have a beautiful attitude, generous and loving, towards his mother. Your heart is truly a warm place where love blooms.

Holding you in my heart and prayers and wishing you to gather your full strength and energy for the trip you will soon realize.

Lots of love and big hugs.
Margherita 2Hearts Hug Kiss

Thank you all so much for the prayers that carried me through the chemo.

Friday I went in for an MRI of my head because small cell cancer seems to like to go to the brain. And it did. I have a couple new lesions up there. This cannot be treated by chemo, it was a miracle when that first lesion disappeared. I start my radiation therapy for the new lesions tomorrow morning.

I'm scared. They say that developing lesions on the brain is very common and that they would have given me radiation at the end even if nothing had shown up, but somehow this has gotten to me when nothing else did.

The treatments will probably be daily for the next two weeks. I guess it's really my heart that needs the prayers. I've gotten so used to getting good news that I don't quite know how to deal with this.
Dear Susan,

My most profound healing prayers are with you.
Seeing all lesions disappear.

I am very sorry to have mistaken your little grandson for a little granddaughter. I deeply apologize.
I have no vision in one of my eyes, so sometimes it is difficult for me to focus with one eye. I had an injury years ago when I lived in North Africa, and it got attended to too late.
Your grandson is a lovely little boy.

I will keep you in my prayers. Have faith and believe that you will overcome this difficulty,

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Giselle, you don't have to apologize. You already had a picture in your mind of a granddaughter. That's why I put that in parenthesis. A lot of people make that mistake with his name and I got kind of tickled at it. I needed the laugh. Judah is a sweetheart but he is also all boy. When I am feeling good he can be quite a handful. But when I am sick from the chemo, he takes care of me.

Thank you for the prayers and the laughter.

Dear Susan,

Holding you in my prayers.
Have a good weekend. Have faith that all things will be well.

Love, Inda

Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.

Thich Nhat Hahn

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I had my first radiation treatment today. You don't feel a thing! You lay down on the table, they place the mask on you and fasten it to the table so you can't move your head, and then it's just like getting a few x-rays taken. I was in and out of the place in 15 minutes. Even now, the only thing I feel is that kind of fuzzy feeling after spending time in the sun early in the year when you aren't used to it.

They said I wouldn't really feel the effects for a couple of weeks when my hair starts falling out again and I may get a little sunburn. By then it will also start making me pretty sleepy afterward.
Red Face

I looked at my bottle of steroids today and it's a 30 day supply with one refill so it will last through April. Thank goodness for that. I'll have them when I go to Taos! So I won't have to be sick while I'm out there.

I've calmed down a lot since Monday. I just kind of freaked out for a little bit there. SystemError LOL

These new steroids are doing a really good job of settling my stomach. I even get hungry again. Now if I can just keep the weight off that I lost. I've still got plenty to lose when this is all over. MM I don't want to look like this little guy forever. Grandma's can look sexy too. sweety

Thank you all for all the prayer and emotional support. We're almost through this and it is the most amazing feeling. I get tickled sometimes when everyone brags on how brave I've been. How could I have been anything else with all this prayer holding me up? Angel

I promised you all pictures of my other two Grandbabies the other day, so here are the two I'm going to see at the end of this month. Lillith and Cole.


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