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I went to the hospital on the 15th of this month because of back pain. It turns out that my pain was caused my a mass in my right lung that was pressing against my spinal column. It is a Small Cell Cancer and has an 80% success rate with Chemo. I started treatments Sunday and was released from the hospital today. The rest of the treatments will be done on an outpatient basis.

I'm doing pretty well. Probably better than Billy. He has been really worried and scared. I think trying to comfort him kept me from falling apart. And he has been right there for me all week. Even at 2 am when I called him in the middle of a panic attack. He was at the hospital so fast, I half expected him to carry the phone in with him. He sat with me until I settled down and went to sleep.

Wonder how I am going to look in a turban? They say I will lose my hair. And here is the really wierd part of that. The nurses say that when it grows back, it may well be a completely different color and texture than what it is now. So, who knows what I am going to look like next?

I will walk through this. Safely. And in Health and Peace.

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Hugs hugs and more hugs dear Susan! XOXOXO
Originally posted by dear losgann:
...80% success rate with Chemo...
I suppose that is good news. The fact you found it and will be treated is good news as well, if you hadn't noticed and checked... and thanks for sharing! Kiss

Do you get to program what color and texture you want? Blondie? Redhead? hey, I don't even know what color you are! Turban, this is funny. I can see some guy at an airport: No I am not arab, recovering from Chemo! rriiiiight!!

Sending you, Billy and all positive vibes, healing energy, love and prayers. May your bout with this Small Cell Cancer go quickly, painlessly and easily. May compassion and awareness surround you and the medical people assisting you. And so it is. Seeing you healthy and happy.

Love and light being, Teo Do (Re, Mi, Far...) Love2 Hug Angel 2Hearts Cloud9 Cloud9

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Applause Teo, I love it!!!!!! No, I don't think I get to choose the color and texture. Wouldn't that be cool!

What color am I? Isn't everyone some shade of brown? lol I am very light skinned but tan easily. My hair was originally such a dark brown that most people thought it was black. However, I come from a family that turns grey very early in life so, for now at least, I have white hair. And almost no wrinkles so people get really confused when they try to judge my age. 50 on September 6. Mostly, I am just a little Irish girl with a touch of Native American and who knows what else thrown in.

You know, that laugh was just what I needed. You wouldn't believe the wacky hairstyles and colors that I thought of. Complete with stars and stuff. Hey! Maybe i will get me a clown wig! Wouldn't that be fun?

I started a topic on Chopra. Random Thoughts in Off Topic. Just a place where I can spout off while I go through this. Sort of work my way through all the thoughts swirling around up there. Stop by and see how nuts this has REALLY made me! lol Like I had that far to go.
Dear Susan, again be assured that you are in my prayers. Your positive attitude will make up for the remaining 20% of success rate!
Remember to align every day to the Source of Divine perfection, which will allow the healing energy to permeate all your cells.
You are a brave and young grandmother ... almost no wrinkles! That's great! You may look at this critical moment as a moment of renewal with final surprise of the hair color!
When you experience momentaneous anxiety remember that God is constantly with you, with every breath inhale His love and exhale your worries, deeply feeling His divine healing embrace.
Sending you and Bill much love.
Big hugs.
Margherita 2Hearts Hug

Originally posted by dear losgann:
Just a place where I can spout off while I go through this. Sort of work my way through all the thoughts swirl...
I consider it excellent free therepy!

Making people listen to... oh! I mean... Clown Sharing... with everyone.. right! Idea

A good laugh is great therepy too!!!

Truly, I really believe this. If we can communicate with compassionate friends, at this point we are the angels, those sent to divinely help and heal us. I believe this fully. Anyway, feel free to "let it all out" here, there, wherever the spirit moves you to.

Look at all the angels replying to you here! It is so heartwarming, aaahhh.. look at the love!

Mmmmm.... there IS no place like Om.. he he..

Love and light being, Teo Do (Re, Me, Far, Soul...)

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Love2 Applause Angel Rudolph Yum Wave

Good Morning, Everybody! It is absolutely beeeaayouuuuuteeeful here today. Thunderstorms last night have the air sparkling this morning. I could have walked around the building twice this morning. Decided to conserve the energy for all the errands I have to do today.

UFO PacMan Juggle Bounce bat CoolDance

Hey! I just found a picture of me when the chemo hot flashes hit! Fire Quick! Pour some icewater on me! When one of those babies flare up, losing my hair sounds like a goooooood thing!

Love you all lots

Originally posted by dear losgann:
Love2 Applause Angel Rudolph Yum Wave

Good Morning, Everybody! It is absolutely beeeaayouuuuuteeeful here today....

Your good mood is contagous, and I don't mind catching it from you! Bounce Bounce Bounce

Such beautiful and caring replies... mmm... love to you all too! Hearthead 2Hearts 2Hearts 2Hearts

So uhm, Susan, the picture Vicky put is you, huh? he he.. RaisedBrows

Love and *L*I*G*H*T**B*E*I*N*G*, Teo Do (Re, Mi, Fa, Soul....) Einstein Love2 Ren Asian Asian

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Last edited by Teo
Ahhhh.......I needed those candles today. I got all overconfident and let my lortab prescription run out before the back pain had run out. I am hurting pretty bad tonight. Doesn't kill my sense of humor, but it doesn't really help it either. And to make matters worse, this is Shawna and Cole's last day here. So I held him more today. Double ouch! He's a big boy! It's okay, I wouldn't give up one moment of holding him today. The pain is only temporary. I'll remember holding my grandson when he is big enough to carry me around.
Thank you. All those candle must have lit up a dark corner of my brain. Heat wasn't helping enough on my back, so last night I asked Billy to hold an icepack on it. And it worked! Lasted for hours. My arms and legs were still achy but I can sleep through that. It's only the back that gets sharp enough to keep me awake. So your prayers had a very immediate effect.

I want you all to know I come on here and read several times a day. The chemo keeps me rather fatigued and I tend to come on a read just before I lie down, so I'm often too tired to reply. But your prayers are with me as I rest.

My Angels....

Thank you all so very much. I'll probably be able to be on here more often pretty soon. Newly diagnosed cancer patients don't get to rest the first week or two. We are too busy learning the maze of assistance and meeting appointments. So, by the end of the day I am pretty tired. But grateful. For the love and prayer I find here. For the wonderful people who have helped me with get my medications. For the concern from the places who couldn't help right now--I thought one woman was going to cry because they wouldn't have the funds for a few days. Everyone has been so kind to me. I've been rather humbled by it all.
Originally posted by dear yoko:
Dear Susan,
The difficult times will get less with every day that passes.

Sending you healing thoughts and prayers.
AMEN and AWomem! Asian

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs


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Last edited by Teo
You certainly did help with my humor. You know, I realized something today. I have laughed more in the last week than I have done in months! Sometimes it's because things are funny, but I have also laughed just for sheer delight at the world around me. And it truly does cut back on the pain pills I have to take. My back was starting to bother me earlier today and I just started thinking about some of the silly things you all had posted to make me smile. I started to laugh and the pain went away for a while longer. Thank you. For the laughter. For the prayers. For the love.
I'm feeling better every day. I've learned to pace my activities so that I have little rest periods in between. That cuts way back on the discomfort. And I believe the mass is already shrinking. Most of the aches now are more general bone aches from the Neulasta. And as long as it keeps my white blood cell count up, I don't mind a few aches and pains. Especially if a good laugh is all it takes to ease them.

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