When long-buried dreams
sprout anew
and you know
they will come true

when snow and ice melt
to the sun’s kiss
and water drops gather
jumping down the hills
to play a brand new song
echoing in your heart
and you feel that
you are part
of the tune

when the dead
emerge from oblivion
and bloom
in your thoughts

when blossoms
are carried by the breeze
to adorn your bed,
when lilacs wrap you
in their scent
and you are ready
to share
in the sacred rite
of creation

when the skies
your song of life
and the star beams
caress your face,
when Universe
rocks you in its womb
and you will know
the meaning of Home

when Love
shows you
all the colors
of existence
and you tremble inside
in awe
then you know
you are One
with All.

When finally
Spring has expanded
with all its power
of renewal
within you
then the awakening
has taken place.
Then you are Love
Then … you ARE.

Love, Margherita
Original Post
Dear Margherita,

Your delicate and graceful words
make the flowers blossom,
in the garden of my soul.

Love, Inda


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Dear Margherita,

The angels are giggling and playing,
brush away the deep sleep from your eyes
till the words of your laughter are saying
that you ARE one of them, in disguise SmileSmile

Thank you dear Inda and Leela for reading and lovingly commenting.

Welcome Leela! The lovely thought of giggling Angels just made me smile ... aren't we all of that same place? Sometimes we may remember and that makes us feel so good!

Love and hugs. Margherita Smile

Dancing Angels by Marc Chagall
Dear Margherita.
Thank you for so much beauty.
We don't have flowers yet, but the snowflakes are dancing, and so are we.

Dear Margeritha

I love this poem very much, it reaches out making the essence of my being vibrating to it´s beauty



"when snow and ice melt
to the sun’s kiss
and water drops gather
jumping down the hills
to play a brand new song
echoing in your heart
and you feel that
you are part
of the tune"
Thank you dear Sue, Vicky, Karima and Eric, for touching my heart with your loving replies.

Melting of ice

Love and Joy, Margherita Smile

Awakening by Mersetta Bates

You are very sweet dear Leela .... we all are part of the Divine concert with our very own voice ... each with it's own beauty and the differencies make the true richness.

Thank you for the lovely picture!

Love, Margherita Smile

I’m open to love
my heart invites you to dance
come share my delight

senryu by Margherita
Originally posted by dear Margherita:

...water drops gather
jumping down the hills
to play a brand new song
echoing in your heart
and you feel that
you are part
of the tune

This is so beautiful dear dpm! Just what I needed... aaaaahhh Cloud9 Cloud9

Dear Margherita, forgive me, I have been trying to fix a few things.. some attachments aren't showing up on Givnology.. getting my check for October.. my life.... Wall Bang Fire SystemError DevilTail Aaah LOL

I finally got a gazillion legal letters out this weekend, so.. mmmmm...

What a wonderful H-om-e! he he.. "There's no place like om. There's no place like om. There's no place like om. (Heels clicking)" Yes! I am back Om!!!! 2Hearts 2Hearts 2Hearts

Now I can get back on track - on my creative projex n sush.. notice http://Givnology.com/wholy.htm is updated! Thinks iz black on trax! he he.. RaisedBrows Googly Nut Tongue

Of course to me, getting back to normal means.. Abducted being a good Bounce creative channel of UFO creative harmony, peace and justice TopHat Book

Including of course, Typing moust egypt hyper-creative galactic serious silliness!!! jester jester Clown Clown So thanks to your love I am back to (ab)normal!!! Angel Yes sweety Love2 Ladysman Kiss

Love n light, Teom Animated1 Animated1

Harmony + thinking + linking = new media solutions

You can't force peace, only lead by example
Friendships allow us to expand by sharing and building upon things together. Notice how I am growing by you reading this, now I am also in your brain, what a joy! ...guess where this comes from!

Dear TeoM, what a joy indeed! Thank you for this great reply. You ARE a creative channel of creative harmony, peace and justice! You are back on track and I am so happy for you.

Snowdrops pierce
the white blanket
to greet the sun
and to awaken
our hearts
to divine beauty
and love

Hugs and love. dpm Smile
Dear Margherita....

Such words can only come from that inner cell, we call our soul,,,,our nucleous of existance which defines our uniqueness as individual,,,as a thumbrint....

Such reflection,,,,reminded me of this lovely picture ...to me,,,reflects,,one natural source..looking and gazing at another.....

It is called "Wishing Pool"


A poet must reach out and blow winds of inspiration, and imagination; into the echoed thoughts, of her reader's most secret, inner voice.
Author: D.D.Sonnenburg
The Hands of Time-Book-1(2000)


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haiku by Margherita:

A sweet touch of love
vibrates in the air of Spring
life begins anew

Thank you dear Gisèle and Taoseeker for your loving comments.

Welcome Taoseeker to the givnology community of love! I love the picture "Wishing pool"!

Love to all my friends here.
Margherita Smile

Such lovely words from you in your poetry...I look forward to surfing this forum for more poetry from you and other members...and so I thank you for sharing your poetry here,,for us all to enjoy....


A poet must reach out and blow winds of inspiration and imagination, into the echoed thoughts of her reader's most secret, inner voice.

With Permission of Author: D.D.Sonnenburg
The Hands of Time-Book-1(2000)

Thank you again dear Margherita for the beautiful words. They remind me of the beauty of spring in the air.

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Such beautiful, unforgettable words. So suitable for tis time of the year when everything is fresh and awakening.

Thank you for the lovely image Tao Seeker.

Last edited by Inda

Thank you Inda for bringing back this beautiful poem.

I missed it when it was originally posted.

Last edited by yoko

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