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Reply to "Awakening"

Originally posted by dear Margherita:

...water drops gather
jumping down the hills
to play a brand new song
echoing in your heart
and you feel that
you are part
of the tune

This is so beautiful dear dpm! Just what I needed... aaaaahhh Cloud9 Cloud9

Dear Margherita, forgive me, I have been trying to fix a few things.. some attachments aren't showing up on Givnology.. getting my check for October.. my life.... Wall Bang Fire SystemError DevilTail Aaah LOL

I finally got a gazillion legal letters out this weekend, so.. mmmmm...

What a wonderful H-om-e! he he.. "There's no place like om. There's no place like om. There's no place like om. (Heels clicking)" Yes! I am back Om!!!! 2Hearts 2Hearts 2Hearts

Now I can get back on track - on my creative projex n sush.. notice is updated! Thinks iz black on trax! he he.. RaisedBrows Googly Nut Tongue

Of course to me, getting back to normal means.. Abducted being a good Bounce creative channel of UFO creative harmony, peace and justice TopHat Book

Including of course, Typing moust egypt hyper-creative galactic serious silliness!!! jester jester Clown Clown So thanks to your love I am back to (ab)normal!!! Angel Yes sweety Love2 Ladysman Kiss

Love n light, Teom Animated1 Animated1

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You can't force peace, only lead by example
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