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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!
I shall now light my candle, and go through this beautiful gate to the land of dreams once more.

What was in that candle's light
that opened and consumed me so quickly?

Come back, my friend. The form of our love
is not a created form.
Nothing can help me but that beauty.

There was a dawn I remember when my soul
heard something from your soul.

I drank water from your spring
and felt the current take me.


Sweet Dreams!
Love, Inda


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Thank you Lilie,
This is an extraordinarily beautiful image.
It carries me right into the land of dreams.

Real Prayer can only be yours
when you have staked and gambled yourself away
and your essence is pure.
Then "a joy of the eyes" are your prayers
and no separation remains,
for knower and known are one and the same.

~Mahmud Shabistari


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Dear Lilie,
Thank you. I love this.
My dreams will carry me through another door now to look for pearls within the pearls.
In Being's silver sea
lustrous pearls of knowledge are washed up
on the shore of speech,
and dainty shells bring poems in their curving forms to strew the beach with beauty.

Each wave that breaks in foaming arcs
casts up a thousand royal pearls
that hold strange, murmuring voices,
gems of devotion, joy, and love.

Yet tough a thousand waves
at every moment rise and fall,
scattering pearls and shells,
yet there are ever more and more to come,
nor is tat sea of Being less by one sheer drop.

~Mahmud Shabistari


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Thank you for this poem, beautiful...
today I am in the mood for Rumi again and again..


Sometimes I wonder, sweetest love, if you
Were a mere dream in a long winter night,
A dream of spring-days, and of golden light
Which sheds its rays upon a frozen heart;
A dream of wine that fills the drunken eye.

And so I wonder, sweetest love, if I
Should drink this ruby wine, or rather weep;
Each tear a bezel with your face engraved,
A rosary to memorize your name...

There are so many ways to call you back-
Yes, even if you only were a dream.
Dear Lilie,
Thank you.Rumi is my alltime favotite.

I went searching far and wide and finally came up with a treasure of pearls within pearls.

...The sea is Being, the shore is body;
The mist, grace, and the rain knowledge of the Name; human wisdom is the diver
who holds entrapped in his garment
a hundred pearls.
The soul in a swift lightning's flash
bears to the listening ear voices and messages
from the shells of knowledge;
but when the husks are opened,
behold the royal shimmering pearls!

~Mahmud Shabistari


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