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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!

Today I want to honor my Mother's golden heart, it is her birthday, October 11th.

Will they have a joyful gathering in heaven?

Thank you Pfuetzchen! May I dream of you tonight ... and hug you in deepest gratitude for what you have been to me and for what you have done for me!

May the seeds of your golden heart grow down here on Earth in the hearts of all those who were lucky enough to meet you here ...

Love to all. Margherita
Oh dearest Lilie and Inda, you are two wonderful souls ...... you have touched me deeply with your love, your words and pictures and now I sit here shedding my tears of love for my Mother .... today, trying to find something, I came across the story of her life, which she had written herself and I was so touched again ... she was such a giving person.

Mary Cassatt - Mother and child
So beautiful! I have not seen this one before. She is a wonderful artist, American Impressionist

Love and hugs to both! You made my day.
When you close
your eyes
and see God
You are God's Hero.

When you open your eyes
and see God in everyone,
You are God's Hero.

When you let anger pass you by,
with a smile
upon your lips,
You are God's Hero.

When you hold love
in your heart
and peace within
your mind,
You are God's Hero.

When you behold
the beauty of a
and feel the kinship
with all living things,
You are God's Hero.

When you look at someone
who is different,
and see only how you are alike,
You are God's Hero.

When you feel more joy
in helping another,
than you do
in your own personal gain,
You are truly God's Hero.

When you hear
the true name of God
in every man's religion,
You are a Hero to God.

When you can hear
the silent voice of God
in the wind,
the birds,
or even the
roar of a crowd,
You will hear God
calling You a Hero.

When you take time everyday,
for silent communion
with God,
She listens and You are God's Hero.

When you can see
beyond appearences
and have the wisdom
to see God's truth
that we are all truly One,
Again, you are God's Hero.

When you have compassion
and love for All,
even those with whom
you may disagree,
You are a Hero to all mankind and to God.

When you know
that forgiveness is blessed
and forgive all,
no matter how large or small
that trespass against you,
You will be God's Hero.

When you give love to all,
holding none back,
you will know love
for yourself,
for God,
And you will be Her Hero.

When you demonstrate patience
with others
and see Divine Good
in everyone and every event,
You will have learned to see God everywhere,
and you will be Her Hero.

When you trust in God
with all your heart,
Knowing that the Universe
is formed from Love,
your trust will pay off
with love,abundance,joy,
And the knowledge
That you are God's Hero.

When your desire to know God
is so great
that in desperation
you finally give up searching for Her
where She never has been found,
You will find Her
where She has always been,
Ready to welcome
Her Hero Home.

Eric P. McCarty

Dear Lilie and dear Inda, thank you for your words full of love and for your interest in my Mother ... You know, Eric's famous poem "Does God have a Hero?" came to mind, when thinking of her. So I share it here again with you.

She was a hero surely in some of the ways so beautifully expressed by Eric. But she was not aware of this. She thought it was normal to exist in deep harmony with All there is.

She lived as an example for all, she LIVED LOVE.
I will come back when possible ....
Thank you again!
I love you. Margherita Smile

Blue dawn - Wisdom flowing from the Source

Thank you again Lilie, Inda, Sue and Vicky for your loving words.

When last night I read a few of Eric's beautiful poems, I came across this one and I was reminded of another of my mother's gifts ...

To see (Eric P. McCarty - from "A thousand sighs - Prayer visions of the beloved)

And before
the seed has
yet to be planted -
the tree has blossomed
within the eye that lives
beyond the reach
of time.

My mother had the incredible gift to see "beyond time". She was to some degree a seer and she did not make any fuss of it. She lived this with humility. She sometimes reproached herself when not listening to the voice ... the voice was always right! And she just gave good advice when she could and as she also could see sad things she always tried to help in avoiding such sad events or in soothing the impact when things were inevitable. She "lived" events that had yet to manifest. Sometimes she was scared, but always accepted it as a mystery from Above. She revealed this secret to me when I was already adult.
She was a sunshine for all those who met her. A bright sunbeam, really.
It was Eric's beautiful poem that brought back these memories and I just enjoyed sharing them .... even though my mother was rather secretive about this. But then I think we ALL have these faculties, we just have to learn to listen better.... the flow from the Source - beyond time - is constant.
Going on to listen!
Have a beautiful day.
Sending much love and light.
Margherita Smile

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