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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!
And Renoir's two young ladies are also trying to help us to listen to beautiful music in our dreams

What an easy simple song
this is.

Give me a ready ear
to wake up to that melody;
I'll not easily forget again.

~Rabindranath Tagore


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Without love there will be no joy and no festivity in the world.
Without love, there will be no true living and no harmony.
If a hundred raindrops pour down from the clouds to the sea
Without love's doing, a pearl will not form in the deepest waters.


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Dear Lilie,

I am always inspired when I go to listen to Deepak, but I loved Rumi before I ever met Deepak.

The 'Thief of Sleep'
Is wishing my altar wet with tears.
Without a sound,
not even a breath,
in total stillness,
he grabbed me in dream,
threw me in water,
in sweet water.
Now the rose and the thorn are one,
and the fragrance,
is rejuvenating Paradise.


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Dear Friends,
I am really tired today, so I am now going to go to sleep Snoring
Before I do, I will leave you with another Rumi.

Last night
my lover came.
He was drunk,
and began caressing my hair.
My faced was picking tulips from his face.
I said,
you don't have to embrace me so hard.
Don't worry. I am not going anywhere.
From the time my face was created,
it never turned away from the ka'ba
of your face.



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