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Whisper me into passion

Your voice reaches into me
even before our eyes touch.
It tingles me to the edge
of a dormant volcano,
between the lightness
of transparent skies
and the density
of rising magma.

Our synchronized heartbeats
resound in our brains
like drums in open space.
Fingertips touch
lightning starts.
Feet fall into rhythmic dance
on wet stony ground
as if on impalpable sand,
emotions twirl us
into ascending mode,
our destination the clouds,
where dreams evolve.

Hold me with your gaze
weave heartstrings
out of love drenched fibers
to maintain the connection
even if the winds blow us
into different directions.

Make life the greatest adventure
rise anew within my eyes each dawn
spice our days with laughter and joy.
When darkness wraps its cape
around my fragile wings
awaken my heart and make it sail
again upon currents of hope.

Take me to the place
that reflects the emanations of
our souls’ vastness,
where wisdom and love
dry every single tear
we might ever shed
when the longing for the stars
sends its blazing arrows
through our veins
searing the strings
of our God-given awareness.

And above all
whisper me into passion
kiss me into oblivion
sing to me of love
dance me through life
and beyond
... into the light.

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Originally posted by dear Margherita:

And above all
whisper me into passion
kiss me into oblivion
sing to me of love
dance me through life
and beyond
... into the light.


So beautiful dearestestest DPM (Dancing Pearly Margherita)!! Clap Clap

You have certainly whispered me into passion! And beautified Givnology by blessing us with this magnificent poem!

Bravo! Author! Encore!

Thanks googols! What a marvelous Noel gift Ladysman Hug Angel

Love and *LIGHT* *BEING*, Teom Typing Book InLove Yum Applause Applause

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Thank you so much, dear Sue and dear Gisele, for your loving comments. And what a fantastic picture, dear Sue! Amazing Universe and amazing scientific progress by humans to penetrate more and more the mysteries of cosmos and all there is in it.
May the evolution of humanity allow peaceful progress in all branches of science.
Happy New Year to you and your families.
Love and hugs.
Margherita 2Hearts

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