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another for instance was a question about the blue stones what was their purpose? they were believed to have magical properties that were released by pouring boiling hot water over them then breathing the steam which was done by the priests/holy persons the poles in the parking lot were prideful male organ shaped poles used to mark the site to represent their belief system like the cross is used to symbolize chritianity the outer stones were chosen and used for to vibrate by placing large circles of people making a low gutteral noise that would cause the stones to vibrate they were calling the one from beyond the stars (God) to witness the blood sacrifices the people were chosen by lottery and sacrificed then burnt all had to take part in the lottery to see which ones were chosen by God to be sacrificed then their remains were burnt to reach heaven where they believed God lived and where they originally came from not aliens but angels where their ancestors once lived with God are we the last of our tribe or are their others still out there? they will know the answers to your questions just like we do
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Originally posted by dear joshua:
the outer stones were chosen and used for to vibrate by placing large circles of people making a low gutteral noise that would cause the stones to vibrate they were calling the one from beyond the stars (God) to witness

Secular calendar theory

Most theories have guessed at a cultic purpose behind the astronomical design of the monument, on the grounds that such a mammoth undertaking must have had an ideological rather than practical basis. They derive from anthropology rather than from cultural and technological history. But Joseph Norman Lockyer (Stonehenge Astronomically Considered, 1906) and others have pointed out the practical value of astronomical observation at a time when there was no other way to establish precise calendar dates, whether these were needed for agricultural, social, or seasonal-religious reasons.

The double-level circle and the central stone of the monument define an observational vantage-point from which the precession of constellations could be accurately established. It would have been known from earlier and less massive constructions that these events corresponded precisely with the cycle of seasons, but wooden edifices, earth-mounds and even standing-stone circles would not retain accuracy over any long period. Without at least one authoritative standard, events and seasons had no chronological index, since the exact length of the year (including part-days) was not known, nor would the mathematics have been available to extrapolate from it. There was a good reason for a massive and permanently immobile construction at a flat inland location where all sides of the sky could be equally measured.

The modern view of astronomy as a pure-science, which would seem to be of little practical use to primitive Britons, can make us forget that astronomy was a key factor in the transition from the hunter-gatherer culture to an agricultural one. The motivation for the sort of co-operative effort needed by such a large constructive undertaking can be appreciated in relation to the unique value of accurate dating for the whole region of southern Britain, but our ignorance of the social context of the time makes it difficult to speculate on how it might have been organised.

Since there was a considerable dividend for the whole population, Stonehenge could have been the culmination of lesser regional investments in this kind of technology over a long period. What sort of society might have existed which could draw labour and commitment from a wide geographical area, and over presumably a long period of years while the monument was being erected? Perhaps the astro-technology of that era was sufficiently trusted and valued to make this possible.

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Welcome Josjua! It is reeeally nice to have all the replies in one topic like this. Thanks for understanding and simply hitting reply instead of new topic. Enjoy your forums and your fun and exciting discussions here. Einstein
Originally posted by dear joshua:
the leastborns the youngest members of the families were entered into training like camps to be Warriors the training was rigorous so much in fact they could face anything and not turn back what was behind them was far more worse than anything they had to face at the end of their training they had to come before the priests/holy persons confess their loyalty and to prove it skewer themselves under the skin in the chest area with two slivers of wood the more blood the greater the warrior the less blood the weaker etc. that culminated their training the eldest had a more leisurely role in society married among each other this harsh treatment of the youngest and the lottery was ultimately the undoing of their society they were taught a magic based system of belief by people from now what would be referred to as Picts that put destiny in their own hands so they wandered off never having to take part in the lottery again or depend on the priests/holy persons for entry into heaven I am a leastborn and I married an Eldest these stories were passed down from my ancestors to us they are not my stories I am just a messenger

Originally posted by dear joshua:
the name for stonehenge was Breddagh named for the blue stones a apprentice priest would live with each tribe back at their settlements he used sticks in a circular pattern to track the cycles of the moon predicting eclipses and tracking when to return to Breddagh for the ceremonies each day he would move a stick. The men often left for hunting expeditions their weapon for hunting was the spear they would break up into three groups the idea was to send the prey towards one of the groups the men would quickly pierce the animal with as many spears as possible trying to bring it down the older or injured men had to stay behind and help gather acorns, roots, etc. it wasn't to protect the women they were fierce fighters too!

May it all work. Wow it does! Amen & Awomen.

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