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Once I zoomed in I wondered if it is a child being held.. or a 500 year old gremlin?!?

They look like black asians to me, you?

"Well guys, that's what we get for civilizing Egypt between their 'dynasties,' now they have run us all the way out of afro-asia, but this new land, Olmexico, is more fertile."

My only question is where did these folks come from? The images really do something for me, still not sure what though. I just keep hearing conversations like "we share our technology and wisdom with them and they run us out of town, some thanks!" he he.. well...

Our Olmec family are welcome to spread their incredible art in the Givnology galleries.

Love and lovely lightbeams, Teo Tiki Tiki

Teo Barry Vincent IV Composer Performer Sound-Designer & Information Systems Support

Writings: Third Millennium Thinking, Lyrics (PDF file)

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Hi Teo Wave

This information and the images are really amazing Yes

I am at work as well, but I will definitely spend more time looking at everything when I get home. Typing Book
I will see what I have in my books about the Olmecs Book.
You have really aroused my brain Idea

Thank you for this incredible research Typing Book and for posting so many images. Clap

Hump Tiki Kiss jester Typing Nut Bounce Yes Clap Hump
Thank you dear Teo, this is very interesting indeed. I read about the Olmecs, just enough to get an idea and surely they arouse great curiosity. They also practiced human sacrifices, including infants. I just saw a documentary about this regarding Mayan culture and was impressed by the virtual reconstruction of their rites ...
Love and Light. Margherita Smile
Dear Teo,

I found a little more information about the Olmecs. These ancient people from 1300-1400 are regarded as the"Mother Culture" of later Middle American civilizations.

Some researchers say they came from Asia, others say they came from Africa.

Their writing is similar to the one used by the Vai people of West Africa. They had a hieroglyphic writing system.

They were clever mathematicians and astronomers.

They were also an agricultural society.

As you have shown us ,they made beautiful pottery and magnificent sculptures. They also carved intricate jade jewelry.

But I am afraid that Margherita is right ,they did sacrifice infants.

This whole topic is very interesting. I will see what else I can find.

Typing Book Idea Typing Book Idea

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