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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!
I am sad to say that my company filed bankruptcy this week. They were not honest with all consultants and continued with many specials, discounts, and such. They took our money and then provided no product leaving alot of us with major debt.
I pray for a new opportunity to come to me quickly to pay off my debts from this business.
Your prayers will be appreciated.
From my heart I thank you with love,


((((((((((Dearest Sandy))))))))) this is really such bad news, I am so sorry. You have put your heart into this business, besides your money! I know! The candles were so beautiful and highly appreciated always, of course you put YOUR scent of love into them ...
Maybe those of you who had financial damage should get organized and speak to a lawyer, in order to ask for the legitimate reimbursement!
This saddens me dear Sandy, deeply I must say.

My friend Verena from Switzerland called me just yesterday telling me how much she enjoyed the candles and their scent.

But it's no good, we know, to linger in disappointment. We now join hands and pray for you to find the right opportunity, a highly remunerative business, an activity that you will enjoy to the fullest.

Have you seen the wonderful moon, oh noo, you will see it later. Her in Rome it was spectacular when I looked at it through the Pines. Full moon will be tomorrow.

Thinking of you and loving you.

Margherita 2Hearts


I’m open to love,  my heart invites you to dance,  come share my delight

senryu by Margherita

Thank you Margherita. It is sad and I did so love selling the candles. The company that manufactured them, Root Candle Company, has been around for 136 years and they have always used the soy in their candles. They may come up with an opportunity for the consultants. But if not, I will find something else. This moon is called the Wolf Moon in January!! Know I will be placing prayers there for you tomorrow!!
I love you! 2Hearts


Dear Sandy.
I am so very sorry to hear your bad news regarding the company filing bankruptcy.
Inda, Vicky and I just loved the candles and are so disappointed for you.
But not to worry. You are such a good person, I just know that something else will come along for you.
Sending you all the love and best wishes that I can. Sue Cat Cat2
Thank you Sue, I'm thinking of doing something when Spring comes around. I love gardening and I know there are alot of people in my neighborhood that cannot maintain their flower beds. I'm thinking of starting a small biz called "Make your beds" where I would keep these people flower beds nice and tidy! But we will see, these bones of mine might not like the idea so much!
Have a wonderful evening,


Dear Sandy
I think the gardening idea sounds brilliant. And what a fantastic name for your company. I love to garden too, but we don't always have the time to take care of everything and I'm sure that a lot of people who are working have the same problem.Also some people like to own a house, but don't like gardening so along you come,and bingo, everbody is happy. Fantastic idea and I hope that it "blossoms".
Love Sue. Cat Cat2
Dear Sandy,

I'm so sorry to hear the bad news about your candle business. I think the gardening idea is terrific.

As i lit up the candle tonight, I would say a prayer for you not to lose courage; have full of faith & trust in yourself.
May God guide and help you through the trials & disappointments especially at this time. May the future brings you eternal happiness, joy of continual health in mind and body.

Good Luck!!!

Love 2Hearts
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Thank you Sue, Thank you Vicky.
Vicky, such a nice thing to do. To light one of the candles I sent and say a prayer. It is most appreciated. I must admit, I am a bit down, worried, as I have debt from starting this biz. Plus, not sure if my credit card will dispute a large amount on my card.
I appreciate the prayer so much. Thank you. I am thinking more of starting the gardening thing. I would absolutely love this!
Blessings to you my friends, know you are loved,


Dear Sandy,
We all love your beautiful candles. I am so sorry and disappointed to hear that the business did not go well.

Sending prayers that you can manage financially and that whatever you will do next will bring you much happiness and success. Gardening would be wonderful. Just think of all the beautiful flowers.

Love, Inda


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Oh Inda! This is gorgeous! How I long to be in a garden, the smell of the soil, the beauty of the flowers, trees, grass, weeds, insects, all of God's creations, right there for me to behold in all it's glory! Is it strange that I feel so much more connected to God and the universe in the warmer weather with all of nature blooming around me? I must move out of the midwest in the winter!!!!! Googly



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I don't know if the last Investment Barker.. I mean Banker, is for real???

Maybe they're selling


pun coming..


Laughing Roll Eyes

But this topic is still very beautiful!

By the way...

Hmm.. it says size 0 kb of size.. unlikely.. and we are fast running out of attachment space! We seem to be working fine though.. SystemError Kick Fire

So thank goodness! Yea, if possible, make the attachments small? Sounds like a Buddhist thing hum? he he.. Wall jester Violin

Really though, you'll find most pictures are links elsewhere, you can usually right-click an image and see where it's from. I've been suggesting to InfoPop our host that they make the mouse-over text show where an image is from, nice for click-back type of giving credit.. anyway, links are better because they don't take any of Givnology's space. On the other hand, a good attachment is perfect because as long as there is a Givnology, the image will be there! Clap Cloud9 Ladysman 2Hearts 2Hearts 2Hearts

By the way, can anyone made tails or heads of the last person's link there? Maybe very helpful? Maybe snot.. I mean, it's not? hu nose..

Love peace and chicken grease, Teo CoolDance CoolDance

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Originally posted by dear Sandy:
...I will try to remember to make attachments smaller..lots of great pictures though!
Sending you my love!

Hi Sandy!

You know the best part? You can LINK instead of ATTACH, and whatever size it is, that's fine!!!

This topic has some reeeally great ones to find and link to. We don't have a problem with BANDWIDTH - our musicians are putting on weight but are happy about it.. he he.. Tongue Laughing Hearthead

What I think is the greatest think... is keeping running into you and other dear friends here! Yes Kiss

Love and *LIGHT* *BEING*, Teo Do (Re, Mi, Fa, Soul...)

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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