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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!
I have started a new home business!
It is a direct sales company which specializes in candles and accessories. I love candles, so thought I would give this a try. Please pray for this to be profitable for me. I have many disbelievers over here that I can do this, so I need some positive, instead of negative!
Love you all,

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Dear Sandy, my heart sister, I wish you all the best with this home business. I went on the site and I think it is very inviting. When I'll have a quiet moment I'll go and see what's there. I love candles too.
May this business bring you satisfaction on all levels.
Loving you, hugs. Margherita Smile

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senryu by Margherita

Thanks for sharing this dear Sandy! Clap Clap

The products all look sooo nice! And the site has a nice soft purple, pleasing to the eye! I was lookin in the pages fo ya, but then on top you give a welcome! Nice!

Sending you every successful new business energy I can. Seeing you so successful it is difficult with so much business! The orders are having trouble staying in line! You have just the right successful experiences. And so it is!

Love n light, Teo Wink Wink

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Hi Inda!
Thanks for your good wishes! I am a little nervous as this guy is co-founder and the one with the business head on his shoulder, so he can be pushy, but he also sounds very nice on the phone! The company does not ship out of the US as of now, but I have done it myself, but only in the cooler months. Our candles are softer and can melt in the heat. We just have a new soy line out and one fragrance, cinnamon, when shipped to me had a slight liquid already on the top. Soy is our softest wax, but such a clean, crisp burn!I have shipped our wax blends to Canada, Belgium and Italy! Everything arrived safely, so I was glad for that!
Thanks again for your well wishes for next Sunday! This is a fun company and some of the other girls who also do this can be really fun, so I am looking forward to it!
Thanks again!
Love you,


Thanks Inda!
Our new catalog with the fall/winter scents should be out in September, with a possible supplemental catalog exclusively for Christmas. We do not ship outside the US as of yet, we are still a small company, but I so ship myself so you would have to email me! I have special pricing for my spirit friends also!
Hope all is well with you!
Love you,


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