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People who think they are getting as good workout obtain more benefits than those who perform the exact same activities, but don't think what they are doing is exercise, according to the findings of a study by Harvard researchers. These results support the idea that the benefits of exercise may involve a placebo effect.

Hotel cleaners who were told that their work of cleaning roughly 15 rooms each day was enough physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle were more trim and fit four weeks later than their peers who weren't given this message. Ellen Langer and her student Alia Crum report in this month's issue of Psychological Science.

While the placebo effect of fake pills is widely accepted, the researchers noted that no one has yet studied whether the belief that exercise is maintaining fitness might exert a kind of placebo effect.

To investigate the researchers recruited 84 female housekeepers working at seven different hotels. Workers at four of the hotels were told that the exercise they got on the job met or exceeded the U.S. Surgeon-Generals activity recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, while those in the 3 other hotels weere not told anything.

One possible explanation for the results could be that women in the informed group became more active and ate more healthily, but the scientists found that this was not the case, making it unlikely that the fitness improvements were due to changes in behaviour.

"Whether the change in physiological health was brought about directly or indirectly, it is clear that health is significantly affected by mind-set," the scientists say.

Reuters News Agency,
New York
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Thank you for the enlightening post yoko.

This goes to show that our mind can create, and controls anything, and everything. Idea

As you see it now, your body is the physical picture, in 3-D, of what you are thinking.

Deepak Chopra
Journey Into Healing
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Mind-set Matters: Why Thinking You Got A Work Out May Actually Make You Healthier
Science Daily — As the commitment to our New Year's resolutions wanes and the trips to the gym become more infrequent, new findings appearing in the February issue of Psychological Science may offer us one more chance to reap the benefits of exercise through our daily routine. Harvard University psychologist Ellen Langer and her student Alia Crum found that many of the beneficial results of exercise are due to the placebo effect.

This website will give you the same information.
Originally posted by dear Sue 1:
This is very interesting. It goes to show that the mind controls a lot more of our bodily functions than we are aware of.

Sue Cat2 Cat


if you don't mind!!! he he.. Nut

Four weeks later, the researchers returned to assess any changes in the women's health. They found that the women in the informed group had lost an average of 2 pounds, lowered their blood pressure by almost 10 percent, and were significantly healthier as measured by body-fat percentage, body mass index, and waist-to-hip ratio. These changes were significantly higher than those reported in the control group and were especially remarkable given the time period of only four weeks.

Langer writes, "Whether the change in physiological health was brought about directly or indirectly, it is clear that health is significantly affected by mind-set." This research shows the moderating role of mind-set and its ability to enhance health, which may have particular relevance for treating diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Note: This story has been adapted from a news release issued by Association for Psychological Science.

GREAT TOPIC DEAR YOKO!!! Angel Applause sweety

Truly, mind over matter! If you don't mind (the hard work, hey, it's great exercise!), then the matter of your muscles, metabolism system, general health and welfare, is better!

Wow. I'll have to consider things even more healthy than they already are.. he he.. UFO boy this typing on my computer is so healthy for me! Creating resiliant health and boundless joy. Firming my tum-tum, strendthening all my body's systems. Amen!

Love and light being, Teo Do (Re, Mi, Far....) Book Ladysman Stimpy Ren Doggy Doggy

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs


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Thank you again yoko for this very interesting topic.
It gives me something to think about.


The power of imagination and self-suggestion have been documented in most cultures for thousand of years, with the use of witchcraft and sorcery. Both claim to use supernatural or magical powers, such magic spells, curses or magic potions, to influence people either favorably or adversely. Such potions and spells work almost certainly as placebo and nocebo effects, and were based fundamentally on deceptions on gullible people.
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