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Doors of King Hassan Mosque

Mosque outside Casablanca, Morocco, begun in 1980 and completed in 1993, in order to celebrate the 60th birthday of King Hassan 2 of Morocco.
It is the highest religious building in the world, and the largest mosque there is, covering 20,000 m², and has room for 25,000 people, of which 5,000 places are set off for women. It is located next to the Atlantic Sea, and the laser lights, that point in the direction of Mecca, from the minaret can be seen from miles out to the sea. The mosque was designed by Michel Pinseau, a French architect.


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Thank you Inda for bringing back this very interesting discussion thread, and thank you for the images of the museum in Australia. It is very interesting and futuristic.

Vicky, thank you for using my image, you are welcome to use any images you like, after all, I sometimes borrow your images if I am in a rush.

Heian Shrine, Kyoto

Tallinn, Estonia is surrounded by an intact wall and towers which one can climb.

Through history Estonia has been un der the power of Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Poland and Russia. All of the remaining 26 towers have been converted into apartments, artist's studios and giftshops.

This is the picture on the left.


On the right is Tallinn's oldest cafe where you can have a delicious marzipan cake,

ground almonds and powdered sugar, which was actually invented in Estonia originally for a medicinnal use, but because it tasted so good it became a confectionary.


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