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Petronas Towers,

Number of storeys 88

Height 452 meters above street level

Design/Architecture Cesar Pelli & Associates [U.S.] in association with KLCC architects.

Location of skybridge Levels 41 and 42
Length of skybridge 58.4 meters
Height of skybridge 170 metres above street level


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Vicky suggested that we should post our city hall here in Toronto, just before she left for the Philippines. She never had time to do it, so I am posting an image here now.

The City Hall of Toronto, Ontario, Canada is one of the most distinctive landmarks of the city. Designed by Viljo Revell and engineered by Hannskarl Bandel, the building opened in 1965; its modernist architecture still impresses today. It was built to replace the Old City Hall that had been built in 1899.


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This is truly a fantastic thread! Thank you everyone!

I am adding some pictures of Ponte Milvio and Ponte Flaminio in Rome. The first - Ponte Milvio is the OLDEST bridge existing on the Tiber. And Ponte Flaminio is a modern bridge quit near the to Ponte Milvio. Together they are a fantastic view. These pictures were taken by Francesco my son, who loves to discover new perspectives of this magnificent site which is Rome.

Love, Margherita Smile


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Thank you dear Sue, I will tell my son!

Here comes a picture of St. Angel's Castle and the bridge. I love it!

A short description:

St. Angel's Castle

On the left side of the river Tevere (Tiber), on the opposite side of historical centre of Rome, there is St. Angel's Castle (Castel Sant'Angelo) formerly the main fortress of Papal Court.
Initially it was the mausoleum built to hold the tombs of emperor Hadrian and his family: the construction began in 135 and was completed by his heir Antonino the Pious. The monument consisted of a stone square basement of 80 meters each side, upon which there was a cylindrical wall 20 meters high, on whose top there was a heap of earth ending with the statue of the emperor.

During Middle Ages the popes gradually transformed it into a fortress, building upon the cylinder a new stone floor with the crenelation upon the surrounding walls. They built also the fortified passage connecting to the Vatican palaces.

After the ill-famed Sack of Rome made by Lansquenet in 1527, it was arranged inside the castle a private apartment as refuge for the Pope and his Court in case of another invasion. The apartment shows a great contrast between the military exterior and the refined interiors. The fortress hosted also the prisons.

The castle took its name under the reign of pope Gregorius Magnus in the VI century when, during a heavy epidemic of plague who hit Rome, on top of the fortress appeared an angel who sheated his sword: this image was interpreted as a good sign for the end of God's punishment.

Love, Margherita


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[Walker & Gillette]

was built in 1928-1929 as an office tower for the Fuller Construction Co., the leading construction firm during the Depression years, which previously occupied the Flatiron Building. It is 40 storeys high.

James Neal


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Ottawa, Canada

The Canadian Museum of Civilization

The Canadian Museum of Civilization presents over 10,000 years of Canada's pre-history, history and culture. The Museum building is an architectural masterpiece -- a symbolic depiction of a land sculpted by winds, waters and glaciers at the end of the Ice Age, when humans first crossed into Canada from Asia.

Photo: Architecture
James Neal


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Paris, France

The Arc de Triomphe, Place de l'Étoile
Jean François Thérèse Chalgrin and completed by Guillaume Abel Blouet
begun 1806; completed 1833-36

The arch was commissioned by Napoleon as a tribute to the French army.

(Sorry, I already posted this on a previous page but do not dare to delete it in cas I am going to delete other replies as well.)


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