Dear friend, I will be going to Hawaii in about a week.

Before I leave I would like to share some of the Hawaiian wisdom with you from:

"A Little Book of ALOHA" by Renata Provenzano.

...To live with aloha is the secret of well-being for the people of Hawai'i. It is an inner knowledge, by birth, to be loving and genuine in all interactions with people and nature, for all life is connected. It is how you say hellow, it is sharing food, caring for strangers, a nod of the head, understanding one another, a smile, kindness, honesty, touch, empathy in times of grief and a free willingness to love, as naturally as children naturally as mother nature loves the earth.

"When the heavens weep, the earth lives.Sky father comes down to mother earth and to her peaks. The mist is the sperm. So heavy rains come from father and mother earth fruits. Everything goes back to love, much"

Kupuna Alapa'i Kahu'ena

Hawaiians live in both worlds - the visible and tangible on eart and the spiritual, where their aumakua (family spirit guides) reside. They gather information to make life decisions from both the waking world and in dreams, from signs, visitations, omens and divine guidance. it is important to see beyond what the eye can see, listen for things that are not said and recognize what your na'au (gut instinct) already knows. Hawaiians are naturally aware and connected to the spirit and in being so create their life with pure intention. They believe that life evolves as nature intended and the right time will come for all things.

In Hawai'i beauty is living with aloha, not an outwardly judgement of a person's body. When Hawaiians use eart essences to cleanse and adorn themselves- flowers in the hair, oils to massage, salt scrubs to cleanse, leaves and flower leis as adornments - it is never to cover or to add to themselves, but rather to become closer to and a part of their be one with have aloha'aina.

Family ('ohana) is not just blood relatives, but all close friends are considered 'ohana or calabash family. Hence the title of auntie, uncle, cousin, sister or brother are given to people who may not be direct family. In an island culture, space is shared and so is life. It is understood 'ohana is always there for each other in times of need and in times of celebration. This sense of 'ohana is extremely important to Hawaiians for their sense of belonging, sense of direction and sense of self. It is not uncommon for Hawaiians to trace their lineage back a thousand years.

"For us love is down to the depth of the sea. Something that is serious, that is born in the family. We are family type of people. Family is our solidarity, it is our governement, it goes back to time immemorial. Aloha means if you give someone a lei, you do not buy the lei - you make the lei with your own hands and then you give it away and that lei is made with love and respect and everything that should be in the soul of man.

Levon Ohai, La'au Lapa'au

...Be sure to remember the unconditional love of children. Listen to them tell the story of their day and how little things excite and delight them. Watch how they invite everyone to play and make-believe. Hear the tinkle of their laughter come out loud from their belly and how they sing to their own tune. Children remind us of life, because they are all born with the knowledge of aloha.

"For Hawaiian people, hospitality (ho'okipa) is a way of life...
... - you nevere turn anybody away. No matter what you have, you always offer to share. You never hoard or hide, you never turn away anyone in need"...

Daniel Akaka

"Know that man is not superior to our earth. Know we are stewards of the land and the ocean. Aloha is to share, to give and to receive. The sunlight and the moonlight are our source of energy. We need to know those things are important to us. The importance has to be every day, all the time."



I will send you all much ALOHA from Hawai'i

Love, Inda

Original Post
Ahh, dear Inda, thank you for this beautiful Hawaiian thread. So much love, so much wisdom, we can learn so much from this wonderful island population!
May their way of life touch many!
You are half Hawaiian dear Inda, as you chose this magical place for your spiritual and physical relaxation and evolution.
Yes we will stay connected through ALOHA.
Here in Rome we are already in 2007! Celebration is going on ...
All my best wishes for a beautiful holiday and a magnificent 2007!

Love and Joy.
Divine blessings.
Margherita 2Hearts
Thank you for sharing the spirit of aloha.
I have been to Hawaii myself and truly appreciate their respect for all living things.

Have a safe trip.


Aloha is the center of all things Hawaiian. It is through aloha that all other Hawaiian values have meaning. The spirit of aloha affects everything we do, not so much in words, it doesn't come from the mouth, it comes from the action. To show you have aloha is from your action and how you deal with things.

Na'auao Pane'e

Thank you for the wonderful post.
Just imagine, in one week you will be in Hawaii.\
Can you fit me in your carry-on?

Goddess Laka!
O wildwood bouquet, O laka!
O Laka, queen of the voice!
O laka, giver of gifts!
O Laka, giver of bounty!
O Laka, giver of all things!

prayer to the Goddess Laka

Thank you Margherita for the beautiful big orchid.
Thank you yoko and sue for your lovely replies.

Sue, I don't think that they allow too much in our carry ons now, otherwise I would sneak you on board. Laughing

Aloha exists beyond motives,
desires or opinions. It is sustained
by love, fortified by compassion,
and it expands in power and beauty
as we give it away to all who come into our lives.

Hawaiian saying

Like seeds on the wind, let your
aloha find a home in every soul
you meet.

Robert James
Such a beautiful topic/post/thread dear Inda! Kiss Angel UFO

I can't decide who is cutes, the dolphinies, or:

King Louie Louie Loao here! he he.. Ladysman


HO'OPONOPONO by Joe Vitale

Two years ago, I heard about a therapist in Hawaii who cured a complete ward of criminally insane patients–without ever seeing any of them. The psychologist would study an inmate's chart and then look within himself to see how he created that person's illness. As he improved himself, the patient improved.

When I first heard this story, I thought it was an urban legend. How could anyone heal anyone else by healing himself? How could even the best self-improvement master cure the criminally insane? It didn't make any sense. It wasn't logical, so I dismissed the story.

However, I heard it again a year later. I heard that the therapist had used a Hawaiian healing process called ho 'oponopono. I had never heard of it, yet I couldn't let it leave my mind. If the story was at all true, I had to know more. I had always understood "total responsibility" to mean that I am responsible for what I think and do. Beyond that, it's out of my hands. I think that most people think of total responsibility that way. We're responsible for what we do, not what anyone else does – but that's wrong.

The Hawaiian therapist who healed those mentally ill people would teach me an advanced new perspective about total responsibility. His name is Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. We probably spent an hour talking on our first phone call. I asked him to tell me the complete story of his work as a therapist.

He explained that he worked at Hawaii State Hospital for four years. That ward where they kept the criminally insane was dangerous. Psychologists quit on a monthly basis. The staff called in sick a lot or simply quit. People would walk through that ward with their backs against the wall, afraid of being attacked by patients. It was not a pleasant place to live, work, or visit.

Dr. Len told me that he never saw patients. He agreed to have an office and to review their files. While he looked at those files, he would work on himself. As he worked on himself, patients began to heal.

After a few months, patients that had to be shackled were being allowed to walk freely,' he told me. 'Others who had to be heavily medicated were getting off their medications. And those who had no chance of ever being released were being freed.' I was in awe. 'Not only that,' he went on, 'but the staff began to enjoy coming to work. Absenteeism and turnover disappeared. We ended up with more staff than we needed because patients were being released, and all the staff was showing up to work. Today, that ward is closed.'

This is where I had to ask the million dollar question: 'What were you doing within yourself that caused those people to change?'

'I was simply healing the part of me that created them,' he said. I didn't understand. Dr. Len explained that total responsibility for your life means that everything in your life- simply because it is in your life–is your responsibility. In a literal sense the entire world is your creation.

Whew. This is tough to swallow. Being responsible for what I say or do is one thing. Being responsible for what everyone in my life says or does is quite another. Yet, the truth is this: if you take complete responsibility for your life, then everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or in any way experience is your responsibility because it is in your life. This means that terrorist activity, the president, the economy or anything you experience and don't like–is up for you to heal. They don't exist, in a manner of speaking, except as projections from inside you. The problem isn't with them, it's with you, and to change them, you have to change you.

I know this is tough to grasp, let alone accept or actually live. Blame is far easier than total responsibility, but as I spoke with Dr. Len, I began to realize that healing for him and in ho 'oponopono means loving yourself. If you want to improve your life, you have to heal your life. If you want to cure anyone, even a mentally ill criminal you do it by healing you. I asked Dr Len how he went about healing himself. What was he doing, exactly, when he looked at those patients' files?

'I just kept saying, 'I'm sorry' and 'I love you' over and over again,' he explained.

That's it?

That's it.

Turns out that loving yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself, and as you improve yourself, you improve your world.

Let me give you a quick example of how this works:
one day, someone sent me an email that upset me. In the past I would have handled it by working on my emotional hot buttons or by trying to reason with the person who sent the nasty message. This time, I decided to try Dr. Len's method. I kept silently saying, 'I'm sorry' and 'I love you,' I didn't say it to anyone in particular. I was simply evoking the spirit of love to heal within me
what was creating the outer circumstance.

Within an hour I got an e-mail from the same person. He apologized for his previous message. Keep in mind that I didn't take any outward action to get that apology. I didn't even write him back. Yet, by saying 'I love you,' I somehow healed within me what was creating him.

I later attended a ho 'oponopono workshop run by Dr. Len. He's now 70 years old, considered a grandfatherly shaman, and is somewhat reclusive. He praised my book, The Attractor Factor. He told me that as I improve myself, my book's vibration will raise, and everyone will feel it when they read it. In short, as I improve, my readers will improve. 'What about the books that are already sold and out there?' I asked. 'They aren't out there,' he explained, once again blowing my mind with his mystic wisdom. 'They are still in you.' In short, there is no out there. It would take a whole book to explain this advanced technique with the depth it deserves.

Suffice It to say that whenever you want to improve anything in your life, there's only one place to look: inside you. When you look, do it with love.

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs


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Thank you Teo,

This is a very interesting reply.
I believe that the Hawaiians have a lot of intuition and knowledge to do many useful things.

"Suffice It to say that whenever you want to improve anything in your life, there's only one place to look: inside you. When you look, do it with love."

When love is given, love should be returned;
anger is the thing that gives no life.

Hawaiians understood
the transforming power of aloha.
Love begets love,
and enmity produces enmity.
Anger only serves to hurt the angry,
causing emotional upset,
which impairs mental,
physical, and spiritual well-being.

Interesting topic Teo.

They are still in you.' In short, there is no out there

I have to agree with Inda that Hawaiians are a very intuitive people.

Love is like a cleansing dew.


When the sky weeps,
the earth lives.

Mary Kawena Pukui
'I just kept saying, 'I'm sorry' and 'I love you' over and over again,' he explained.

That's it?

That's it.

Turns out that loving yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself, and as you improve yourself, you improve your world.

Wow! Your post, dear Teo, is totally fantastic! I am beginning to understand more and more this thing about "total responsibility", about "co-creating" everything ... It is extremely FASCINATING!

And again I am also reminded of Neale Donald Walsh saying that when we don't know how to handle things, we should ask ourselves "What would LOVE do?".

You see, these wise men are beacons of light, who show the way.

I am also reminded of Jesus saying: "Love your neighbour as much as you love yourself" ... and "don't do to another what you would not do to yourself" ... all this teaching is teaching about LOVE.


Margherita Hug 2Hearts

Thank you all for your wonderful replies and images.

Now I really have to get ready for my trip.
I will miss you all until i get back.

Sending you all a lot of Aloha.

Love, Inda

Love is a spring
that flows freely

Mary Kawena Pukui

Enjoy your trip, dear Inda, and live those weeks to the fullest.
We will miss you, but we are just a thought away after all!
Today I was thinking of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len's wisdom and about how his therapy makes so much sense, even if it is not easy to get used to the idea that we are all co-responsible for whatever happens to the "others". Is there "another", or is there only "One"? Well, we know, maybe deep down inside, but we have forgotten.
"I am sorry", "I love you"! That's it.
Thank you again for this life-changing post.
Love, Peace and Joy to all!
Margherita 2Hearts
Thank you everyone for your beautiful replies, and for sharing this thread.

Love, Inda

Love is imperative to ones mental, physical, emotional and spiritual welfare. A kind word can melt the hardest heart. look at a situation with love. It changes everything.



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Nice of you to bring this topic back Sue, and thank you Inda for the Hawaiian wisdom. We really need it now.

Love is imperative to ones mental, physical, emotional and spiritual welfare. A kind word can melt the hardest heart. look at a situation with love. It changes everything.




Thank you Sue for finding this old topic and for bringing it back.

Mahalo means Thank You.

Of the Hawaiian words we use each day,"mahamo" is one we can't use enough.

My favourite little island is Mokulii or Chinaman's Hat,


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