Inda's painting

Ah dear Inda, this is very beautiful, combining flowers and music. I am really quite enthusiastic about your art ... I am happy I have come to know about this great talent of yours. Expositions?
Daisies ... here they are called Margherite, so you see there is another reason to love this painting even more.
Again my heartfelt compliments.
I love you. Margherita

On a dolphin’s back
I ride my ocean of tears
she giggles me through

senryu by Margherita
Dear Margherita,

I am deeply touched by your beautiful reply.
I love flowers, and most of my paintings are of plants and flowers that grow all around my cottage, or in my garden. This is done in oil, but I use watercolor quite a lot. Unfortunately with my busy schedule I cannot paint as much as I would like to.
Glad to share this with you.

love, Inda
Hi Inda,
I know nothing about the subject of art, but I do know what I like, and this is it!
How beautiful! I love the muted shades of colour, and the whole picture is very serene.
Just lovely. Thankyou for sharing it.
love Nora
Thank you Sue and Gisele.

I am going to post another watercolor.
This is a section of a wider image, but again the colors are not great because I have to scan through glass and at a distance because of the thickness of the frame, but it will give you an idea.This is the last one I am going to scan, because the images are not really great.


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Inda! You are soooo gifted!

It has been written, that the artist is
so priviledged because God has placed
His rainbow in their hands.

Your fine paintings also show the beautiful
love expressed by the words from your heart.

Loving you! Barbara (Rosebud)



We are living Miracles....
Dear Inda, even though the result of scanning the pics is not perfect, I adore your watercolors really. I used to paint a long time ago, but just for my pleasure. My husband is a painter at heart and he even once participated at an exposition in NY, besides several personal expositions in Italy! We have many friends painters and there was a time when we often went to Vernissages. So I have "a certain eye" for paintings and I see the quality and the beauty of yours.
So please scan some more! I love your works.
Much love, Margherita
Dear Lilie,
I don't know how you found this one. I had deleted it...hahaha...the colors really don't show up well after scanning them through glass, and framed they are at a distance from the screen.
This is a real puzzle how you got it????
I think you are funny!!!!! Smile Smile Big Grin Big Grin Smile Smile

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