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Hi Friends...

May I ask for some spiritual support as I am going through a lot of sadness? My oldest daughter (13 year old) is going to move in with her father very soon, and I am dealing with all kind of emotions.

Marie-Philippe has Tourette Syndrome and I do not wish to go into a lot of details but having her live with her two youngest siblings on a daily basis has proven to be very difficult for the past two years. She is very agressive and can be violent with them and even me. This is why , we decided to have her move in with her father and girlfreind for the time being. She also had a lot of problems at school, this past year for she could not make any good friends and felt alone most of the time. She was so anxious about this that her grades went down.

Now that the time of moving is coming closer, she cries a lot, saying she won't be able to live without me, even if a part of her wishes to go live with her father ( she is the one who first thought and asked to move there). She has many good friends there for Vince still lives where she grew up. She will go to school with them too.

Could you send her love and spiritual support too?

I feel sad, even guilty at times because I can't handle everything that has been going on. I also feel relieved when I think about my two other children who will be less hurt by Marie-Philippe. She will come here every second week-end and during vacations, Holidays and school break.

I got to trust in life...for often I wish we did not have to go through all those changes in our lives.

Amritsaya Putrah : We are sons of immortality...
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Thank you dear friends for your kind words, for the love and prayers.

My mother's heart will find very difficult not being able to see her everyday. I know I will adjust to this new situation but right now I feel so heartbroken.

I often wonder why this beautiful child has so much to go through emotionally and psychologically speaking.

Tourette Syndrome and all its related conditions like Impulsivity and Obssesive/Complusive disorder, Anxiety attacks, is not something any child would want to deal with. I know Marie often wishes it would all go away. But it is in her genes and for now all that can be done is trying to learn to live with all those conditions and taking meds.

Amritsaya Putrah : We are sons of immortality...
Dear Sylvie, Sending you and your daughter more loving energy. May all things work out well. Being a good parent adds extra responsibility and stress to our lives, so have a good holiday and rest.

We see quite a lot of people whose children have severe disabilities, and I know how hard it is to cope with all the added stresses and responsibilities of being a good parent. I am sure that you will feel much better and more rested after your trip.

Vicky 2Hearts

Sending love and prayer energy to you dear Sylvie and your whole family.

2Hearts 2Hearts 2Hearts

It sounds very difficult with her wanting to go, wanting to stay, and she can only do one eh? When tragedies show up in life, and they do, I think that maybe I have them because I am the best to deal with them(?), well surely we grow wiser and stronger making it through them, and bizarelly, someone in the world wishes they had a family to have problems with... Nut

I know that is no consolation, but I'm just trying to share ideas that could possibly make things easier. Well, you are a magical being Kiliwia Staranza One-To-Beam-Up Nutty-Buddy, and I send you hugs, caring, positive energy.

Seeing you, your daughter, your whole family bathed in positive vibes, healthy and happy.

Love and light being, Teo Asian Love2 Wave2

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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