Thank you Margherita.
These images are so beautiful, I can actually feel the fragrance.

More head-cover dreams


I will need
Someone to feed my cat
When I leave this world.
Though my cat is not ordinary.
She only has three paws;
Fire, air, water.



Images (1)
Thank you dear Inda and Lilie for Hafiz's words and the picture.

Those eyes
share the light,
they show wholeness.
I plunge into them
looking for the vastness
that swallows every
thought of separateness.

With love, Margherita Smile
Thank you Lilie for the picture of Hafiz
and thank you Margherita for your beautiful words.


O nights, O passing days and nights!
The drip from eaves and window sills,
The shining icicles on gables,
The chatter of unsleeping rills!

~From March by: Boris Pasternak

This little one is trying to keep warm


Images (1)
I am so glad that this beautiful thread is still going on.
I am a bit tired now, so I will withdraw into the land of dreams, but I will come back and catch up on what I have missed.

This thread is getting more beautiful and interesting all the time.
Thank you everyone for the beautiful images.

Protection from the sun while doing work.

Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

Good night everyone.
May your dreams be filled with beauty.


Images (1)
Good night everyone.
It is time for me to go to sleep.
May the sunset embrace you with
magical dreams.

Love, Inda


Images (1)
Last edited by Inda

The nightsky
often unfolds
in my dreams
and I the stargazer
declare my love
to Universe
stretching my soul
into the depth
of its magnificence

Sweet dreams!
Embrace the world in love.
Margherita Smile
Good night Dear Friends.
I will now sail into the land of dreams.

Love, Inda

Are you searching for your soul?
Then come out of your prison.
Leave the stream and join the river
that flows into the ocean.
Absorbed in this world
you've made it your burden.
Rise above this world.
There is another vision...

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Images (1)
Last edited {1}
Thank you everyone for continuing this thread.
Your poem is really beautiful Margherita.
Every morning when I come to Givnology there is always something beautiful waiting for us.
Have a nice day.

Time to dream ....
to dream of peace

I slow down ...
I breathe consciously
lifting my spirit
to ethereal heights
listening to
the vibrations
of my soul ...
being aware of
the greatness
of All there is
inhaling peace
from the stillness
of my depth
exhaling love
embracing the world
and all life ..

Love and Peace to all of you!
Margherita Smile
Dear Margherita,
Thank you for always painting a canvas of love and peace. Everything you touch becomes a thing of beauty.

Good night All. Cloud9
Love, Inda Love2

...The Self is the ultimate Reality:
That which was before creation
And from which creation was born.
Yet who sees this Self
Sees it resting in the hearts of all..

~From the Katha Upanishad


Images (1)
I open myself to the flow of life through your texts and images...


That Self, ever pure and radiant,
Continues to create all that delights us.
Even as we sleep and dream,
That self is the immortal
And the transcendent-
The ground of all beings.
There is no beyond beyond that.

~From the Katha Upanishad

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I have spent an hour here trying to catch up on this beautiful thread. Thank you everyone for your wonderful contribution. I am afraid I have no skills at all with the computer, especially posting images, so I will leave you with a
Native American saying that will fit in with all theswe beautiful dreams:

Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking

Have a beautiful day everyone, and beautiful dreams tonight.

Thank you everyone for continuing this thread.
I like your little message Gisele.

Let us make our waking hours as wise as our dreams, but let us continue to have beautiful dreams.

Have a nice week everyone.

Love Stories are being shared:

From Our Hearts

Love is a short word, but it contains all: it means the body, the soul, the life, the entire being. We feel it as we feel the warmth of the blood, we breathe it as we breathe the air, we carry it in ourselves as we carry our thoughts. Nothing more exists for us. It is not a word; it is an inexpressible state indicated by four letters....
~Guy de Maupassant


Images (1)
Last edited by Inda
Thank you everyone for promoting the message of love. Love2
May we continue to believe in our beautiful dreams. Cloud9

Vicky Love2
I am hoping that this extraordinary thread will continue. The images and the texts here are very beautiful. I am going to try and see if I can insert an image of love for everyone here on Givnology.



Images (1)
Last edited by Vicky2
Before I leave for my summer holiday I will let you think about all things that are white.



Images (1)
Last edited by Sue 1
I really like this long and beautiful thread.
I wish I could contribute a bit more, but my eyes are giving me a lot of trouble, but maybe with the help of you dear friends we can post an image.

Thanks for your help, these images showing white are lovely.

Last edited by Gisele
This is a wonderful post made up of so many different threads. I never really looked at it until now.

Adding a beautiful white gift from nature.



Images (1)
Hello yoko,

I am delighted that you have found this incredibly long post full of equally long threads.

Thank you for the beautiful image.
I will add one more image in white.


Images (1)

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