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Hello all, peace and blessings to u n yours! 

Background on this project: 2017 I started doing Freeboards of Baroque, mostly Scarlatti who I found was 4 years in Andalucia therefore learning all the Spanish-Moorish hybrids, then lived his life out in Madrin in the King's court. His father was MR. NAPLES OPERA, so he knows all the classical training and now integrates Flamenco! Well, many things.

Harpsichord would have been his instrument, piano wasn't invented yet. Clavinet was my instrument for years, made by Hohner and the instrument is not that far off from harpsichord really! Now I'm working to find good harpsichord sounds in the DX-100 synthesizers that don't sound TOO mechanical, though they all do. I just recorded a Nannerl Mozart song / video and instead of the standard harpsichord low and harpsichord high I used to use, I tried a nice sound called "Minuet." 

Continuing the BACKGROUND or timeline of this project: I decided to record a bunch of Scarlattis as well as Handels to add to my already many Bachs and complete a BAROQUE CD. I did and it is so full (6 Scarlattis, one over 10 minutes) that it only would fit with 1 second between songs instead of 2.. a full CD. Now I am flipping back from pianist to keyboardist and I will have the piano versions of the baroque pieces on piano as a kind of reference.

For Baroque I am trying to stay with PERIOD INSTRUMENTS, meaning it will sound not too far from what it sounded like in the 1600-1750 area. No piano, plenty of natural instruments like violins, organs, guitars, flutes, mandolins, and  the like. 

The first tests here are an edited Harpsichord (Minuet506) in the bass, left side, and the standard Minuet in the right. I have to squonk and splat to see if the sound will work in many situations so these are strange sound clips of testing low notes, weird chords and dissonant intervals.. the goal being clear and pretty.

The last test (#1 in the list now) is a new idea for my Freeboards, well new since I've learned classical, [b]Latin Music[/b] starting with a Tango, using Zither bass or Strings bass and to be vibes or vibraphone a sound called Celesta (Ben Franklin invented I think?) so that combo is wild being deep low bass and super soft angels in the clouds harps combined! Fun! Sorry for all the wrong notes!



Here are the latest videos using the latest recordings (in the last few weeks):

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs


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Today's: The original song El Arreglito that became Carmen's Habanera and Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 just testing the sounds.

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs


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