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Dear friends,

I feel sorry I don't spend more time in these discussions @ Givnology, well, my propellor head keeps scouring other wellness and positive web sites to find things to "bring om" he he..

The Guestbook and Portals are up and running, the "tell a friend" seems to work fine - I'm having trouble getting basic page counters though.. and I want some measure of who clicks what in the Portals to have a click tracking type of marketing skill.. so I'm still underwhelmed.. well.. so much OMWORK!

Every time I come here I feel a great weight lifted off of my shoulders, here among dearly loved friends.. aaaaahhhh..

Thank you all sooooo much for being!

Lovebeams, Teo Wink

You can't force peace, only show it.
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Now, dear Teo, your post gives me the answer I wanted to hear. I really wanted to say "Teo, you are not much around here, how comes?" and now I know ... you are doing so much OMWORK! I love to stay here very much, I feel the love flowing in here. Of course, me too, I don't have enough time to stay as long as I would like to, but I assure you, it is quality time ...
Hugs dear Teo and a great THANK YOU!
Lovebeams back at ya!
Margherita dpm

Is this your lake?
Yes oh yes it is! Wow!

That is the view from the north-east corner, under a gazeebo type of thing, with a fountain! Yes! There is a little island you can sort of make out from that picture dpm, it is an island that only birds go to!

Many exotic birds only stop at Lake Merrit on their migrations, nowhere else in the US! Many surely land on that island.

And I have to get up and out and go to my lake now!

You dear Dancing Pearly Margherita, are one of the beauties that elevates this boards level! Your kindness and grace flows through the screen! Thanks for being.

Lovebeams, Teo Wink

You can't force peace, only show it.
Dear Teo,
Thank you for Givnology.
It is a unique, beautiful and peaceful island,
like no other place.

This website offers simple, understated beauty,
with a lot of elegance.
The colors are calming and restful. It pleases the eye of the corporate professional as well as the true and romantic artist.

I have looked at a lot of websites, but none can compare with this.

I come to this island of peace at the end of a long and stressful day; no other place unwinds me so completely.

Love, Inda


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