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Jim Warren - Peaceful morning

Dear Karima, it was just a morning thought that I jotted down ... it's true that sometimes I would love to linger a little longer fully awake but eyes closed and just let the images and thoughts flow ... to capture fragments of what has been revealed during the night ....
because ....

The night holds treasures
of unknown value for you
all secrets unfold

Love and hugs. Margherita

Ecstatic floating

Dear friends bring sunshine
into the grey and cold days
when hearts are lonely

Teo dear, I love that creative composition too! And please share this technical secret also with me, you have two willing students in me and in Karima.... and the rest of the group no doubt is interested too!

Love and thank you my friends!
Margherita Smile
<table border=8 background=><tr><td background=>

<blockquote><font size=+1 color=purple face=sand>[i][b]<blink>
When I close my eyes

I discover many truths

deep within my soul


The only strange thing about doing this in these discussions is this:

Instead of having to use EITHER HTML (things with the greater than and less than symbols), or UBB (the way these discussions allow to edit like the bold and italic 'tags') you can use BOTH!!!!

That is why there are html things with the greater than and less than AND the things with B, BLINK, I inside (bold, blink, italic). By the way with HTML and UBB capitalization doesn't matter.

You'll see I made a whole post teaching you buddies this stuff...

By the way, dear dpm and all interested:

This type of knowledge is transferred, as I am doing now from me to you all, with this one catch:

This type of knowledge should always and forever be given away to anyone asking. They should be told this same rule. This is like the shareware approach, we are all building the best whatever we can together eh?

When knowledge is given in this form, eventually who you gave the information to becomes YOUR guru, they learn it and perfect it, and they can teach you stuff later. Really! So once you are so excited learning how to do this and post lots of greeeeat text / images posts.. also let others know how!

Promise! OK! Now go make more beauty! Typing Angel Clap

Love n light, Teo TopHat TopHat Kiss Ying Viking Snoring Book Aaah Idea Cloud9 Laughing Wave2

Teo's presence: Givnology forums, freeboards, tradigital music, Third Millennium Thinking, new media

May we have enough compassion so that people with solutions for us all can bring them to us without fear
Dearest dpm,

There is an option.. somewhere.. "delete all cookies sent by this forum" which.. I can't find! It is here somewhere so that you are not 1/2 logged is as you mentioned. Once I had the same troubles.. I did a strange thing:

Told my browser to ask me for each cookie. The I logged off and next time didn't accept the cookies, then logged in and accepted cookies from that point on... I know that is not the greatest help..

When I find that "delete all cookies" I'll let you know, and if you find it let me know eh?

By the way, bizarrely the head of the organization that I made my first forum for, on his computer .. oh brother .. it is painful to even repeat this! Well, no matter what he did, it still said he was logged off! Even though he was logged in! I spent a month with InfoPop's techies.. yes they are great.. but this was such a frustrating problem that his forums may be shut down!! OUCH!! And I had so much hope for them... and at the same time started Givnology which has been such a success!!

Hopefully this is solved easily and quickly, and then we will have even more tools and awareness for the future!!!! moust Typing

Hey! Wait a minute.. that is Teospeak.. this is admin! Robo Vader Visor

That's more like it.


May it all work. Wow it does! Amen.
Thank you admin!! It worked, but I had to close everything and then reopen.

I deleted all the cookies. I found this option in the "Internet Options" under the voice "Strumenti" - "Tools" I think it should be in English.

Go and see.

I had to log in now and I will not say remember me .. And yes the edit button also appears again ...

The only side effect of this - yes you guess right - is that I had to remember the password again also for chopra and will have to for the other sites too where I visit ....

But I am satisfied. Thank you.

A morningglory for you:

Photo by Trisha Lynn

Love, dpm Smile Smile UFO Angel2 Wave2 Razz Razz Love2

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