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Dear friends,

You know I am into the "seven chakras" and have coordinated that with music and other systems. Gurdjieff reminded me that there is also a system of a sacred three, we can look at this three many various ways, basically the first is "+," the second is "-," the third can be looked at a few ways, either "±," or possibly "=."

There is an interesting parallel to the Hindu trinity: Brahma the creator (+), Vishnu the preserver (resolving), and Shiva the destroyer (-).

It can also in a way be thought of as future, present, past, or even above, level, below. Here is Gurdjieff's story of Beelzebub telling his grandson about the sacred law of three:

A new arising from the previously arisen through the "harnel-miatznel," the process of which is actualized this: the higher blends with the lower in order together to actualize the middle, and thus to become either higher for the preceding lower or lower for the succeeding higher.

As I have already told you, this sacred Triamazikamno consists of three independent forces, which are called:

the first, 'surp-otheos'
the second, 'surp-skiros'
the third, 'surp-athanotos'

Objective Science calls these three holy forces of the sacred Triamazikamno by the following names:

the first, the "affirming force" or the "pushing force" or simply the "force plus"
the second, the "denying force" or the "resisting force" or simply the "force minus"
the third, the "reconciling force" or the "equilibrating force" or the "neutralizing force."

At this place in my explanations concerning the fundamental laws of "world-creation" and "world-maintenance," it is interesting to note, by the way, that the three-brained beings of this planet that has taken your fancy, during the period before the consequences of the properties of the organ kundabuffer had been crystallized in their common presence, began to be aware of these three holy forces of the sacred Triamazikamno, which they named:

the first, "God the Father"
the second, "God the Son" and
the third, "God the Holy Ghost."

In various circumstances they expressed the hidden meaning of these forces and their longing to receive from them a beneficent effect for their own individuality by the following prayers:

Sources of divine
rejoicings, revolts, and sufferings,
direct your actions upon us.


Holy Affirming,
Holy Denying,
Holy Reconciling,
transubstantiate in me
for my being.


Holy God,
Holy the Firm,
Holy the Immortal,
have mercy on us.

I feel we are talking about Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, which I have tried giving musical chords to: Brahma major 7, lydian scale; Vishnu minor or dominant, dorian or mixolydian scale; Shiva diminished or minor, some strong minor, perhaps the melodic minor phrygean type.

I also am working on saying the name of each chakra (la-va-ra-ya-ha-om-m) and with a different tone for each of the 3, Brahma like lo-vo-ro-yo-ho-om-m, Vishnu the standard way, and Shiva like le-ve-re-ye-he-em-m.

Thank you Brahma, it is a blessing knowing you.

Thank you Vishnu, for preserving me and mine, and what I do.

Thank you Shiva, for destroying enemies.

Blessed and joyful sacred law of three to all, Teo Wizard Wizard

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Teilhard De Chardin the French Paleontologist a jesuit scholar who subscribed to the theories of evolution and who nearly was excommunicated for his beliefs, described evolution as taking three forms:

Diversification, Synthesis, and Groping.

Existing life forms tend to split from their norms and create new diversified ways of operating; Or differing groups with difference modes of survival within a species can learn from each other and by sharing information assimilate the behavior of their neighbors. Or even with no frame of reference we can experiment and find new ways of approaching a problem and get better at what we do either by blind luck i.e. serendipity or by making educated guesses. We often enter new territory stumbling and feeling our way.

In each case we grow and became greater for our efforts.

And again you have a view of life that follows the law of three.

In astrology of course you have the qualities of "fixed" "cardinal" and "mutable" which also correspond to the various examples that make the triangle architecturally the most stable form - as well as the most stable form in nature when it occurs in nature as it often does.

In the interest of symmetry perhaps or because the whole arc of the circle can be so naturally be subdivided into four tringles comprising the full circle and a sort of natural three against four we have the origins of our clocks and our base twelve system of measuring time. Our scientists both describe and emulate nature.

In the case of chronometers (sundials and clocks) you have the law of three expressed as the product of the four elements earth air fire and water. The Fifth element ether is perhaps not so obvious in the glyph for the celestial sphere represented by twelve astrological signs in the vedic and babylonian systems. But the pentile (breaking the circle into five 72˚ segments) is the basis of the pentagram (five pointed star) that is associated with magic, both "black" and "white." Magic is perhaps best represented as the etheric element which can manifest itself through the other four - and of course our very perceptions are based on five physical senses - and the sixth mind sense.

The prime numbers are both integers and whole numbers and provide the bridge for easy ways to measure the universe like base ten mathematics - that allow us to have a sense of the vastness of the immeasurable - and at the same time to grasp what is axiomatic - "All is one" - "E pluribus Unum - (the all is comprised of the many).

The prime numbers are both revealing and significant when applied to the our spiritual natures. Beside the basic "Om, Tat, Sat" that Teo refers to (creative, sustaining, and cleansing principles) also can be seen as a sort of cosmic three against four using the four noble truths - the truth of suffering - the truth of the arising of suffering - the truth of the cessation of suffering - and the truth of the eightfold path that leads to the cessation of suffering.

One contemplates the four noble truths best in an inner silence that one achieves by acknowledging the three parts of the breath: the inbreath - the pause while one retains the breath - followed by the outbreath into a new cycle.

There is a name in Pranayama for that point between outbreath and inbreath too, but generally the breath is seen also as following the law of three in yogic breath science.

I know that Teo appreciates the corroborative nature of music - how it bears out the law of three - the four directions (winds truths etc.) - the "devil's tone" which is either the augmented fourth or diminished fifth interval, and how the numerics actually have qualities that can be demonstrated musically.

Whether we resonate with each other or clash to some extent depends on our awareness of these principle. One is still the loneliest number; two is the number of binary codes and with three gives us the hexidecimal system.

Three will always be the charm.

And if we keep talking to each other some lucky one among us will be the "hundredth monkey." The bubble may be the most perfect form in nature. But the triangle will always be the most stable.

All this deserves a chorus of whinny's from the cosmic stable.
How wonderfully enjoyable it was, to read this thread Teo....being an R.C. myself,,the relation to the three powers that be, seem to co-exist in each teaching, regardless of cultural translation...God is the One...this is so amazing....we all recognise that,,and I do so very much enjoy views and knowledge which explain to my cognition in more of an advanced state,,how God is everywhere...

So I was wondering then Teo,,,if one could translate the three powers as "me", "myself" and "I"..or...."yin" "yang" and "ego"?...

I think I'm onto understanding your post more and more,,,,so I was wondering if there was a relation as well, to the above-mentioned? I hope I made sense in my reply on it,and in all good ways,,,and with all good intentions....I hope my Q didn't sound too "simplistic" to even ask...because I am embarassed to admit,,,I don't know.


A poet must reach out and blow winds of inspiration, and imagination; into the echoed thoughts, of her reader's most secret, inner voice.
Author: D.D.Sonnenburg
The Hands of Time-Book-1(2000)

I love your replies yogionefromobie and TaoSeeker.I have learned a great deal from all of you and I am afraid I cannot even try and compete. However ,in my love for things Egyptian, I would like to share another Triad which is Egyptian. Since the Egyptians knew about the chakras and the name Shakti originated from the name Sekhmet it is appropriate.

The Triad of Memphis - The Goddess Sekhmet,
aned the Gods Ptah and Nefer-Tem.

Ptah, brother and husband of Sekhmet, created the material world and gave humans for their pleasure and self-realization the arts - music, literature, paintings etc. as well as the sciences, mathematics and phylosophy.

Nefer-Tem, the son of Sekhmet and Ptah, is the God who gave us medicine and thus is the God of Physicians.

The Goddess Sekhmet, protects all the Gods against evil forces that may menace them. She protects what she loves, destroying enemies of the Gods or of the Pharaohs. A Goddess of Wrath, she rataliates with total savagery whenever She or her allies are in danger or attacked. Even though she responds with aggression she is not known to be the initiator of conflict. Her actions, however violent, are the actions stemming from loyalty and love.


My favorite talisman, the symbol of life
The Ankh

1. Horizontal line represents the earthly plane
2. Vertical line symbolizes the ascent of the
soul through animal and human forms
3. The loop lifted the spirit into heavenly
realms, before returning it to be reborn
again on earth.

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