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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!
Why would anyone want to save just one child? Maybe the child is their pride! If we work on it together you know we can make it right and the world can be as one.

Why must we treat the needy like they're evil and greedy? How can they really escape their plight?

Don't want war on poverty, just want their basic human needs and committment to human rights.

Poor keep payin more taxes, the benifits go to the upper classes and we're too numb to argue when they say it's fine.

Look beyond the TV screen, your numbers are what you make them mean. Act on that dream of peace for Humankind.

CH:We're on the verge of major desease - even with the latest in technologies, I want to know about the ancient ways!

Don't matter how fast you're goin’ if you're goin’ the wrong way - you'll always be gettin' farther and farther away.

The world can be so much better if we solve our problems together and the world can be as one!

Don't matter how fast you're goin if you're goin' the wrong way - you'll always be gettin farther and farther away.

The world can be so much better if we solve our problems together and the world can be as one!

The World Can Be As One!

You can't force peace, only show it.
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Dear Teo,
Thank you for your beautiful lyrics, they are words of wisdom: 'The World Can Be As One!'

As Rumi says:
"The One appears to be many to the cross-eyed
who can only see through the spectacles of duality."

May we all embrace each other with kindness, love and respect.

Love, Inda

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Dear Teo, I love this song of yours very much. The words, the music and while I read it I HEAR it ..... the vibrations of your voice invite to join the song and the beautiful visions.
spm ...for once I am the singing pm!
I love you and your Weltanschauung!
Margherita Smile Smile


I’m open to love
my heart invites you to dance
come share my delight

senryu by Margherita

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