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  • Ancient Parable

A person went with his canoe to the market, and bought 1) a fox, 2) a goat, and 3) some cabbage. On the way home he realized that he must cross a river, and could only carry one item in the boat at a time. No, this could not be 3 simple trips. He had to solve how to take items and leave very efficiently because:

The fox left alone with the goat would eat the goat - they can't be left anywhere together. The goat and the cabbage can't be left together or the goat will eat the cabbage.

How did he get everything across? In how many trips? What did he take each time?
  • Awareness Expanding Correlation

To be aware human beings, we need constantly be vigilant to maintain our 3 basic selves: Mind, Emotions, and Body.

We can not only be mental - ignoring feelings and body messages, or only emotional, or only satisfying physical needs.

All 3 of these aspects should be carefully nurtured and understood as much as possible at all times.

Expanded awareness of all three of these centers makes for an actualized true "I."
  • Theoretical Extrapolation of The Above

It is an interesting note that the only way to solve the above riddle is in a sense a:

Taking the emotions back to innocence.

The mind and body issues are logical enough to solve, but the emotions take "an extra trip across" to keep them fresh and vibrantly alive, while keeping mind and body firmly strong. Here's to your evolutionary awakening of how to keep your 3 selves healthily intact, just as the 3 items are efficiently carried across - and no 1/2 foxes or goats to have to eat quickly! he he..

Love and lightbiengs, Teo-door-0 Wizard Wizard

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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Boy, giving OMWORK is fun! Watching those brains spin around trying to get everything home from market so that Mother doesn't whap us with the frying pan! he he.. Bounce Bounce

Sooo.... how does he get everything to the other side? he he.. Mother is waiting! Aaah Aaah and it CAN be done! Start your propellor heads! he he.. RaisedBrows RaisedBrows

Love n lightness, Teo Wave2 Wave2 CoolDance CoolDance Cloud9 Cloud9

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Originally posted by Vicky2:
Aaah It looks as if we cannot leave anything except the fox and the cabbage alone Idea


I remember the tests where monkeys were in a room with boxes, and a banana way high, the smart monkey could stack the boxes and get it.

I read all these metaspiropsychobabble books, but sometimes I think that there is a good lesson, hopefully we can learn to stack our boxes, or carry our groceries safely!

First trip would have to be goat. Second trip either fox or cabbage, but the key to the whole thing that isn't put in the instructions is: he takes the cabbage back on this second trip! Then he leaves the cabbage and takes the other, then comes back for a fourth trip with the cabbage. Simple eh? Banas for all monkey(brain)s! Book Wall Kick Aaah Idea Cloud9 Clap

I believe that the greater lesson in this fable is that the goat, the emotions, weak to the fox brain but likely to ruin the cabbage body, it needs special care - the emotions require an extra trip to keep them safe and from being bad.

Sure we can go through life headstrong, bullying our emotions into submission, but then we don't have the innocence to truly love. We could also allow our emotions to consume us if we aren't careful.

What I am sharing here is my larger picture of how to be 'whole' human beings.

We have our mental fox, sharp and fast as anything, a predator, to deduct and analyse, clear and on-point.

We have our emotions, soft and cute, but often stupid and over-indulgent. Our emotional strength comes from balancing it and our other 2 'centers.'

We have our body, or body mind, which is in a sense a flower, a living thing that has to have special care taken so that it isn't eaten by our emotional issues.

If we are aware of our three centers, mental, emotional and physical, we can make excellent judgements, being wise, loving, and healthy.

Thank you all for playing this brain-teaser with me! Foxiness, sheep (or goat) skin cumfy clothes, and healthy cabbage meals for all! moust Nut Tongue Snoring Yum Googly RaisedBrows Juggle Love2 Asian CoolDance

Love n light, Teo sweety sweety Robo Robo Colors Colors

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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