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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!

The Universe of You

In my massive longing
I send out signals of desire
moving round the source
of my secret vision of delight
as a planet around the sun.
As the wildly dancing waters
of the untamed sea
craving to touch the Moon.
As the howling wind
passionately curving
the sky scraping trees.

Compelled by an innermost,
unknown urge,
I break through the chains
of my matter bound being
and in a sudden explosion
I transform into a prism
dispersing Light
in millions of sparkles
cast with infinite power
into the Universe of You.

A supernova beyond belief
in the act of dying
as a single star
giving birth to
the indescribable event
of merging with All there is,
letting go of all limits
touching and reuniting
in absolute freedom
with the cosmic
extension of the ONE.

Love, Margherita
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You truly put the YOU in You-niverse dear dancing pearly Margherita! he he.. and we still dance in the stars eh? Can I have this dance?

This is a beautiful poem to read as I am just going to take my guitar to the lake (not to fall in!) and have a peaceful Saturday, thinking of the Universe Of Love. Thank you for blessing us with this treasure. Lovebeams, Teodor Cool Cool Wink Smile Razz Eek Big Grin Big Grin

May you find yourself in the world, and may you enjoy the company.
Thank you guys for reading and for your loving comments.

My heart gives thanks.

The Earth is the cradle of mankind but one cannot live in the cradle forever .. (Konstantin Tsiolkowsky)

I hope there will be progress in Space exploration ....Today Europe starts Mars Express mission by launching a spacecraft towards Mars ...

I am so very deeply fascinated by the wonders of Cosmos ... so I love to refer to astronomy in my poems when I can.

Hugs and love, Margherita SmileESA Mars Express mission
Maybe I should have put this site on another place ... but for now here it is!

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