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The Night of the Shooting stars

Joe Orman's article about his Perseid observations

The 2003 Perseid Meteor Shower - Nasa

I am going to watch the sky for a while, but I have been told that tonight it will be difficult to see many shooting stars because of nearly full moon shining bright.

A couple of years ago I was on the Italian Island Ischia on this San Lorenzo Night of the shooting stars and the observation was fantastic. I counted so many of them, couldn't get enough! My neck hurt from all the gazing up! But it was worth it.

It is as if in some measure our longing, our yearning for answers from Universe was answered.

Do you observe the nightly sky my friends?

Love, Margherita Smile
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There is a good article about the close encounter of
Mars and Earth in Time magazine this week.
here is a brief summary:

Volcanoes dot the planet Mars. Olympus Mons is more than twice as tall as Mount Everest.
Valles Marineris is five times as long and four times as deep as the Grand Canyon.

On August 27th Mars will approximate
Earth to within 55,683.33 Km.
It hasn't been this close, or this bright, in
60,000 thousand years. If you miss the 27th, there will still be an excellent view for the next few weeks.
Mars will be a brilliant red object that arises in the east, just at sunset, and continues to climb higher throughout the evening. Only the moon will outshine Mars.

Scientists believe that Mars might have harbored life in the distant past -- and that some micro-organisms could still be beneath Mars' frozen surface. There are several probes on the way to Mars in search of subsurface water.

Mars' orbit is not quite circular, it is elliptical, so its sometimes closer and sometimes farther from the sun. (Earth's orbit is also elliptical, but much less )so when the Earth catches up at a time when Mars is relatively near the sun, there is an especially close encounter.
The next close encounter which will break this record is in the year 2287 -- they will be
64,400 Km closer.

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The measure between Earth and Mars changes daily as the planets move around the sun. Their orbits also rotate through space over thousands of years.
Mars' orbit (not drawn to scale here) is elliptical and off-center in relation to the sun.
Earth's orbit is somewhat less elliptical.

when Mars is at its nearest point to the sun and Earth is at its furthest point, but both are on the same side of the sun, we have a close encounter. UFO

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