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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!
This moment itself has no meaning. It is empty save all but possibilities. It is an imagined world that sits always before us. Nothing is certain. There is only the promise of this instant…we are guaranteed nothing more. It is enough.

There are worlds within worlds that wait to be discovered. Our touch extends deeper and farther than we imagine. Each moment drifts before us with a window to these worlds. With awareness and practice we may follow the farthest reaches of our touch. And then the depth that hides shyly in each moment will reveal itself at last.

Tantra is the teaching of touch. We learn to touch fully what lies in every moment. The stroke of flesh holds the mystery of the universe. The breath becomes a vehicle for expansion and union. The eyes penetrate the veils of separation. Our ears embrace songs found in the silence of our wonder. We catch the subtle smells that speak of far away. There is nothing that we do not touch. Yet what is it that we truly ever feel?

Tantras foundation is in the touching of 36 elements or tattvas. This is touching God on every level. The first five tattvas are earth, water, air, ether and fire. From here the elements rise in subtle nature. The next group consists of smell, taste, form, touch and sound. This is the group that concerns us now.

Have we ever really smelled the day? There is a deeper fragrance that floats beneath the layers of the day. It is the smell of the world itself. It is fresh and alive even while full of the decay of each passing moment. It is the smell of life…and of death. These twin souls entwine in the fullness of the moment. Our sense of smell can take us to the depth of these mysteries. We explore each layer, going deeper, deeper and always deeper. There lies no end to our explorations.

We are consumers by nature and necessity. We feed on food, water and air. Yet do we truly taste that which keeps us alive? Do we taste love on the lips of those we kiss? That is the underlying nature of taste. Love is inherent in all that we consume, in everything that passes by lip and tongue. This is the taste that lies beneath the superficial flavor of food and sex. We can kiss our lover and taste their hunger, their desire, and their want. We can savor our food and water as gifts from the Divine. We can taste on a deeper level by experiencing the heart of our food…Divinity itself. In truth we don’t consume…we reabsorb the nature of our deepest self. We taste…who we are.

The tattva of form is the formless world where all forms begin. We begin from nothing…yet from where did the first impression of “us” arise? The nature and form of an oak tree reside as potential within the acorn. The acorn itself holds the mystery of the formless world within its form. We are as the tree and the acorn…born into form while holding the formless world within the flesh of our being. When we kiss another we become the form of one. Our arms open, as does our spirit to embrace and invite the formless to make love within our space. We can look past the form of any object or person and see how the formless molds the unique pattern that brings shape to this existence. We can see with the “artist eyes” of the Creator. The infinite…gazing into a holy mirror…and seeing the length and splendor of its nature staring back. This is the wonder of formless world of form.

There are times when a stroke across the cheek can be felt throughout and within every fiber of our being. This is the element of touch. How can two fingers on a wrist measure the pulse of an entire body? It is not the mere fingers themselves…it is the stilled presence of another feeling into the ocean tide of our blood. When we are presented with the sweetness of a gift…we hold our hearts and proclaim ourselves “touched”. This is the presence of true touch. It is deeper then the flesh…although the skin calls for its caress. It is sacred and leaves us in a state of holy want. We rise to such a touch. Our flesh chills and heats in a flash of anticipation. This is a touch that is felt before the hand. Subtle fingers may read our stories with a single stroke. And subtler still…write the story of our future. This is God touching God. We are the fingertips of eternity…caressing this very moment. This is a touch.

The ocean is heard in the shallow depth of a shell. There are melodies playing in the spheres of our surroundings. We carry the voice of our loved ones soft within our hearts. This is the pure element of sound. In silence we may hear the wonder of the universe play
in a singular mantra. It is the vibration of love…slowed in a warm embrace to play across our inner ears. Sound carries. It reaches in an urgent manner and continues on its way. It never ends…only growing less in subtle understanding. Sound longs for the kiss of ears. Musicians know this intuitively and remain open to its caress. To catch a song, a melody, a poem floating through space and time…the artist listens to the entire universe. Every sound is the sound of God. We are the fortunate songs that play across a lifespan. In this way…we give voice to the deeper “sound” of sound.

To touch on these five tattvas is to touch the entire universe. To consciously caress the elements is to make love with the entire universe. It only takes a single pause…the moment will bring the fragrance and its subtle depth to us. The air that passes by will share its unique flavor with us all. We can see past the form that holds steady before us…and allow our eyes to play in the formless. What we touch…touches us in return…in this way we may caress the world. And all of life is music…we can simply dance to this one-song.

This is a hint of what lies in a meaningless moment. By themselves the tattvas just are.
When recognized…they spring to life…in such a meaningful way.


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You are a living poem, dear Eric, for you are filled to the edge with creation's wonders. With your essays you transmit the very sound of Universe you hear and capture.

You help me to improve my awareness of the touch of life. Your illuminating words open new horizons.

I close my eyes and I move to a silent place, where I can ponder the meaning of non-meaning moments ...

There is a deeper fragrance that floats beneath the layers of the day.

Love is inherent in all that we consume, in everything that passes by lip and tongue.

When we kiss another we become the form of one. Our arms open, as does our spirit to embrace and invite the formless to make love within our space.

We are the fingertips of eternity ... caressing this very moment.

Sound longs for the kiss of ears. We are the fortunate songs that play across a lifespan.

I vibrate in joy for this gift of yours.
Thank you!
I love you, Margherita Smile


I’m open to love
my heart invites you to dance
come share my delight

senryu by Margherita
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Thanks for the sweet words Lilie and Margherita!

And thank you Teo.
When I is a very intuitive process.Sometime it is best to allow the heart of another speak "through you".
As I was about to write of the element of sound, I though...who better than Teo?

Dear was your heart and love for sound that carried this through.
Thank you.

Thank you Eric,
You continue to amaze me. You constantly renew the awareness of my senses.

The poet Keats wrote:

The poetry of earth is ceasing never:
The poetry of earth is never dead.

Dear Eric, you poetry ceases never,
and your poetry will never be dead.

Love, Inda


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What an incredible writing dear Eric, and what a wonderful gathering of dear friends in this topic!

Strangely I feel more gravitating to the meaning in a moment of non-meaning. My life has been very topsy turvy lately, still not settled AT ALL, but strangely there is a peace.. in the eye of the storm. I'm finding that being @ peace is the key to handling all the turmoils..

This Givnology shrine to beauty and love now has such a life of it's own! I am eternally grateful to you all for being the wind beneath it's wings Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

I'm finding myself having less and less to say, though even more information I love sharing, I just figured out how to have my scanner do OCR - scan into text! So I will have more "omwork" to share, quotes with information and ideas for the better world we are making, but I am also feeling less opinionated. More into the meaning that lies in a moment of non-meaning.

Nice void you paint Eric, such endless depth and space. I feel transported by your words. I'm overjoyed you are sharing such great writings! And the Giving of Knowledge is underway! We're doing it! he he..

Healing love to all, Teo Cool Cool Wink Wink Smile Smile

You can't force peace, only show it.
Dear Eric,
I have posted some of this material I am going to use here in another post by Bracha (Lilie)
on this board, but I think it is very suitable here at the moment.

In Paris, France there are some beautiful trapestries in the Cluny Museum depicting the five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. The collection of tapestries is called
"The Lady and the Unicorn."

Here is a small section of the tapestry "Sight;"
We can read you beautiful words to the sound of Teo's magnificent voice and music which I will post next


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Hi People,

I had a Teotronic moment lastnight, it was about 12:30, I was lying in bed and decided to go outside for a ciggy. I stood looking up at the stars and the realisation came to me that inbetween the stars (where there arent any stars) is the GAP in Gods thoughts. I stood pondering my new found in-sight when the over-whelmingness of the whole thing really grasped me and I felt tingly all over and just then a shooting star, very slow in its descent, fell from the sky.

It was all pretty cool, I saw the GAP between God's thoughts!! And a shooting star cemented my observations...



The mind is like a parachute, it only functions when it is open.
Thanks Eric,

I was wondering if you or anyone else may have had the 'shooting star' experience? It has happened to me 2 other times as well, when the feeling of a deep realisation came to me.

And all 3 times the shooting star took atleast 5-10 seconds to descend. Now, that is a long time!!

I may ask on a new thread as well if there arent many responces here, and perhaps at chopraland as well..

Anyway, take care.



The mind is like a parachute, it only functions when it is open.
Hi Snickers,
Thank you for sharing your incredible experience.
I see shooting stars at my cottage and in Hawaii, but I don't think I ever saw one descend so slowly. It was really giving you a message. How absolutely magical.
I am going to my cottage this weekend and I will make a point of carefully observing my feelings and see if I come across any shooting stars; and if I see one I will definitely make a wish.

Thank you Eric, for starting all this.

Love to you both, Inda Smile Big Grin

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