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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!

A well rounded community where others have found solace, information, laughter, and support. All walks of life are invited to stop by and share. I hope you do!

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I have met some really interesting people and had great discussion with people @ the Magical Realm.

Being the "cuspie" that I am, born vernal equinox of 1960, black and white, nerd and artist, proper and nasty.. he he.. well, I have tried to inspire people in Chopra's boards and Givnology and others to visit the Magical Realm, and invited people there.. you get the idea!

I realize that people don't have all that much time, but hey, great people and great answers to deep questions are worth looking into eh?

Hoping to see a few more of you Givnologists peeking into the Magical Realm. I have to admit.. sorry Inda!.. The Magical Realm is the ONLY board of the hunnerts I've looked at, that I like visually more than Givnology. We here aren't magical .. in that way though .. and our format is probably better for the beautiful combinations like Margherita's poems placed above beautiful images, our specialty is Art Wellness Technology and we are .. well dressed for that event! he he..

I would say take a peek at the Magical Realm, hey we just got an invite from the founder!

Thanks for showing up on Givnology dear Topaz. I reeeeally appreciate your sharing that UFO topic, you are more than welcome to share more, and if they are .. tricky, we have a "boffing area" designed for arguments! he he.. Tiki Fire SystemError

One of these lifetimes I'll be able to share my sacred laws of 3 and 7 with .. just the right teacher / student. This networking definitely proves that things are moving in the right direction, yoohoo!! Violin CoolDance CoolDance CoolDance Violin

Joyous internetworking to all, Teo Wave Wave

Harmony + thinking + linking = new media solutions

You can't force peace, only lead by example

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