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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!
Learn the art of slowing down. Rushing around all day, trying to get too many things done, cramming them into an already busy schedule makes us forget what is really important.

Constant haste makes us irritable, curt and insensitive to our family members, friends, and co-workers. It also destroys the body's repair mechanism and our immune system, leading to all kinds of minor as well as major diseases.

Let us allow ourselves to slow down a bit from time to time to create a place for peace and silence.

We can accomplish this just by enjoying the beauty of nature: go for a walk, or ride a bike; listen to the birdsong and the sound of splashing raindrops; enjoy a swim in the waves; look at the trees, and inhale the scent of flowers; observe the moving clouds and the magic of the setting sun, the stars, and the moon. Feel the warmth of the sun touching your skin, and enjoy the beauty of fresh, white snow.

Spend time playing with your children, read a good book, listen to music ,cuddle up with a loved one, and enjoy a little chat with an elderly neighbor.

The simple art of slowing down allows us to live a more peaceful and prolonged life.


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Oh, dear Inda, this is the perfect Sunday message!

I have read a couple of books treating this theme too .... slow down, slow down. And it is so true, if we never stop to breathe life just moves ahead and we find ourselves suddenly old ... wondering finally what it was all about.


And as it is a Sunday I have just done what you suggest: Together with my husband we went to the Park, we walked and then we sat on a bench ... he read and I knitted (for Simon of course), then we talked and I listened to the trees ..... and this haiku is what came out of it:

Today in the Park

Nature held its breath to hear

the trees chat of love

Villa Ada in Rome

Thank you dear Inda, I soooo agree!
But sometimes it is difficult to achieve. I keep trying.

Love, Margherita Smile

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