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The book has Jesus studying in India in the Orissa area; while this is an historically important ceremonial area, it didn't come into prominence until nearly a millenium later.

None of this lessens the charm or the esoteric insight of this book. Nor should its subterranean impact on popular spirituality in the United States be underestimated.

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Original Post
Thank you for sharing, dear Teo. Who knows? These are mysteries, still it is interesting to read this book... for the moment I read the first two chapters.
Love, Margherita
Dear Teo,
Thank you for sharing this material with us.
I will come back here on the weekend and read it. It looks very interesting. Book Book

Love, Inda
Thank you Teo.
This book looks very interesting.
I will come back at lunchtime and start reading it.

Sue Cat2
Thank you Teo.
This is a very interesting book.
Like Sue, I will come back and start reading it at lunchtime.

This is very interesting material.
Thank you Teo.

When I recover from my long trip I will visit my friend again and spend some time reading this book, if not all, at least sections of it.
It is fascinating.


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