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Dear friends,

We will be taking a short holiday.
We will be out of the office from June 26th until July the 6th.
None of us are flying anywhere at the moment, but we will take a few short holidays this summer.

Enjoy the beautiful summer weather, dear friends.
The fruit trees will blossom and the roses are in bloom.



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Thank you for posting Sue.

I will take some short trips out of the city to enjoy the lovely summer countryside, but mostly I will enjoy my garden and the many parks that we have in the city. We also have an island that we can go to with a very short ferry ride. Have fun and enjoy the summer.

Love, Inda
Enjoy you days off, dear friends! I believe this is really the most beautiful time to enjoy nature, everything is blooming, the green in trees and pastures is greener than at any other moment ... gardens wrap you in their fragrance.... the skies are of a brilliant blue with good-weather clouds dancing.

I just discovered a new passion of mine: CLOUD WATCHING! I have always loved the clouds, but I had never concentrated for longer than a few moments, taking in their beauty. I couldn't take my eyes off the clouds the other day. I watched, in pure fascination, for almost an hour (from my balcony). Out of nothing, suddenly the clouds begin to form, or when they are there they transform and suddenly disappear. Amazing spectacle. I was even inspired to write the following three haikus, which I will share with you, to inspire you to watch the clouds in your turn:

* * *

Blue skies use white clouds
like painters use canvases:
they convey beauty

* * *

Skies entertain clouds
in their limitless ballroom:
Gala of nature

* * *

Cloud artists form and transform
dancing in sun glow

* * *

Wishing you all a happy relaxing time!

Love and hugs.
Margherita Smile 2Hearts

To all those of you, dear friends, who take a vacation, I wish a wonderful time, whether you go far away or stay at home, enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Yesterday, my husband and me, we celebrated our 49th Wedding Anniversary! Usually we went out of Rome to enjoy a lovely evening in one of the nearby villages, but we are getting older and driving at night is not easy anymore. But we enjoyed staying together at home, in good health. Do we need more?

In stillness lies peace
joyful memories unfold
grateful hearts unite

Enjoy your vacation time wherever you are.

All my love. Hugs.

My husband's gift for the Anniversary is a wonderful plant of white gardenia Smile
Lovely to see you here again dear Margherita.

Enjoy your summer, whatever you do.
The simple things can bring a lot of joy.

I am going to New York city for the weekend to see the memorial gardens dedicated to the people who perished in the twin towers.

The rest of the time I will spend at home. As Vicky mentioned, we are taking several short vacations this year, a week off here and there since none of us is planning a long trip.

Enjoy yourself,
and keep well.

Love, Inda

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