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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!

The style of box means house or temple. I thought it logical to put my logo-credits (name) in the corner box like a blueprint has.

Description of Heiroglyphic letters:

T = a cake, an offering

A = the arm, strength

O = the mystical knot

I thought I would:
  • Share this latest art piece with you.
  • See if you can embed Macromedia Flash (.swf) files into these forums. HTML is allowed as well as UBB code that Infopop uses but it didn't work. Click the image for the full screen animated multimedia piece. You can always simply click the quote icon and see how this was coded.
  • Spend time on positive thinks instead of the (bad) news.. he he

Mindfulness and self-awareness to you all, always. Love, Teo egypt Hide Army R2D2 Ladysman

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