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I haven't been around so much, because I'm working so hard! At my playing.. he he.. well I got my CD inserts finished (at least good enough for now).

It was fun "time traveling" as us musicians do, going back into "the vibe" I was in when composing these songs. It was so funny transcribing lyrics I had come up with "on the fly," improv stuff, well, many classical songs were improvisations later written down (and people told play them exactly like that, no improvising! he he.. Googly).

The first one I enjoy because I mention the 83 bus that you can hear from my "studio," and sung about what a great time I am.. CoolDance Hula

The second is just outrageous. "What your love.." 5 times in a row! Instead of chopping it down to pretty poetry I left it as it is / was, well at least maybe it's comic relief.. Laughing Aaah

We Got to Have a Good Time

Gonna have a good time doncha know that’s what we do. That was the 83 bus right there because every time a bus goes by, you can hear it when you hear from a recording made at Teo’s studio. Gets down real funky in Oakland town. Get down. At Teo’s jam. Everybody knows why I’m getting so funky every night. Whenever you want to get your funk and he always has such a good time everybody wants to go over there and hear the jam, so all can settle like down. Like I said we gonna have a good time, yea we are. Oh we got to have a good time, yea!

Tantralize Me

When you tantralize my body, when you tantralize my soul. (2X) Oh I have got to let you know oh oh baby how good it feels to me. I have got to say, wo oh thank you in every way. Thank you, thank you baby, thank you baby. I gotta gotta gotta thank you baby. I’ve got to let you know how far I can go. And I’m so glad to be with you, being. Oh I’ve got to be the one to let you know how good it feels to me. I’ve gotta let you know, let you, let you know, let you know baby. I’ve gotta let you know because it feels so, it feels so so good. It feels so good feels so good to me. My sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet baby what your love what your love what your love what your love what your love has done for me. What your love has done oh wo oh wo oh wo oh. Yea I’ve got to tell you, I’ve got to tell you because it feels so good. I really really really hope you feel the same way and I hope, yes I hope you can feel the same way too.

Here are all 5 CD inserts with their disk size: 1.5MB 1.5MB 1.9MB 4.2MB 2.6MB

There are many samples of the songs here: and a continuous play midi page with "channels!"

If the heavens and angels permit, I will get my publishing company going, submit songs to "big" artists to "do," and see if I can put some CDs in libraries for music and culture education. Wish me luck! 2Hearts

Love and light being, Teo Angel Abducted Yes Violin Cloud9 Cloud9

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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