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There are many songbirds in North American gardens.
They are very colourful and sing nice little tunes.

Blue Jay is a brilliant blue bird with white spots and a black necklace. This bird is found in woodlands across the eastern two thirds of the United States and southern Canada. They eat insects, shrubs and acorns that they harvest and hide.


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The Yellow-headed Blackbird nests in large colonies that the racket of singing can be quite deafening.
Only the male has the full golden hood. This bird is found in western sections of Canada and the United States near marshes and prairie wetlands. It likes cracked corn and sunflower seeds in particular.


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Northern Cardinal gets its name from its red robes worn by the Roman Catholic cardinals. It is found from eastern North America to western Texas and Arizona. It lives in areas with shrubs and small trees. The male is brilliant red with a black mask and distinct crest. The female is also beautiful with buff plumage tinted with red. To attract cardinals spread out sunflower seeds.


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Thank you yoko for these lovely songbirds.
North America has some really beautiful birds.

I have a bluebird, but the picture is not as nice as yours. Bluebirds are quite abundant in North america, and they are unique to North America, they don't live anywhere else in the world.


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Here is a bird who does not sing, but he may wake you up in the morning with its very loud tapping sound.The red headed woodpecker, but its population has declined at an alarming rate. This bird adapted itself to living in human occupied areas, but now seems to be rapidly declining due to the challenges of the changing landscape.


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Thank you yoko for this lovely thread.
A lot of these beautiful birds stay in North America over the cold winter.

Here is the Common Redpolls which survives in -53 C.
During the winter months they tunnel deep into the snow to stay warm. The tunnels are burrowed 10 cm into the snow and can be more than 30cm long.


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