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Usually I say "go see the ducks at the lake" when really at my corner, it is all gooses, or geese, and little gooselets, geeslets (I call them "cup of soup" and hope they don't know what I'm saying)..

Well this time, after feeding them some old bread, the geese, pigeons, seagulls, all fighting for some crumbs, but fun!

On the way back -- I spotted some actual ducks, not geese, going across a busy intersection! With little ducklets, squeaking and all.. Why would a duck take the babies across this street? They were at the island in the street. I walked down the island toward them. Shoot, maybe scare them back across at the right time eh?

So as I get closer, some of them are in the street, at the curb, while cars are passing, musta been scary! Well, there is a storm drain there with a grid over it, I literally saw one just fall through the grid!

So sad. Head low, walked home, hey! Call! 0613pm 622 it was - is dad. Telling him about boards.. telling me a cousin met a fling over internet..

I called 911, they took my info, and even # if they can't find it. May they find them and they get back to mommy and daddy duck.

Love life n light, Teo Wink

Captain 7 Sees on the good ship Bun Ease! Love life n light!
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This is the saddest story!!!
Poor little 'cups of soup'.

Sending a prayer that their little souls
are gently and peacefully soaring into
God's beautiful light.

Love, Inda
Razz Razz Razz Razz

May the existing drain covers be replaced with
covers that prevent small things from falling

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