You seem to have regained a lot of energy through that glas of water....would you like to come and visit my uncle, he lives on the top of this...

Girls you are so full of goodwill! I am writing with closed eyes ...... I am falling asleep ......... I am drifting into unconsciousness ..... heading for dreamland .... a beauty sleep is what I can't deny to my stressed body! It is ordering it with all its power.
Love, see you tomorrow ...

Releasing stress ..... letting go ..... drifting off ..... silently weeping ..... dreaming of higher realms ....
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While you still are having your beauty sleeps and am up in dawn, preparing for my bike tour to work
You are an earlybird Lilie.
Before I do anything else, I will visit your uncle.
The road seems very hot and sunny, so i think i will take the inside way.

What I forgot to mention initially, if you spend much time in the sun, use a good sunscreen. Not only will it prevent wrinkles but most of all, it will prevent cancer of the skin. Melanoma is one serious form of skin cancer, so protect yourself from the harmful rays.

See you at your uncle's place...on the top Big Grin


Images (1)
i can not help surprising you. This is my you recognize him? I will give you a clue...I and Thou

Dear Lilie,

He looks like a gentle and Holy Prophet.

The' I and Thou'... should tell me. You really caught me in my exercise; you have me thinking.


Images (1)
Certain kind of exercises are good for rejuvination of our memory and though capacity

Margherita you must have had wonderful beauty hours and dreams of kisses.
Dear Lilie and Margherita,
I don't think I have been very good with my exercises today.
Now I am ready to join the ones that are going to sleep.

Sweet dreams, until tomorrow.


Images (1)
Well yes dear Lilie, DREAMS OF LOVE also keep us young ..... and our sharing of unconditional LOVE in whatever form is probably the number one factor of our wellbeing. When we share love or make love our whole body records the benefits and we not only "seem" younger but we actually slow down the aging process. I am sure. So let's be LOVE!

As you mention the dreams of kisses, here I share another of my "kiss" senryus:

Moonbeams on my lips
I lift my face to your kiss
dancing flames our breath

Goodnight sweet ladies ... it's the heart of the night and now sleep wants his share ... and dreams yes too ...

Loving you, Margherita Smile
Wonderful words and picture...
I think I have to cool myself down

"Moonbeams on my lips" beautiful

Love you

Thank you for your beautiful expressions of love.

The place of love is the heart, and the heart is pure gold. The divine majesty polished it by gazing upon it, making it bright and pure. The traces of lights of the beauty of unqualified love appear in the mirrors of pious hearts. Human love subsists through God's Love.


Images (1)
Last edited by Inda
Your beautiful image and text
touches my heart truely
and this feeling I take
into my meditation

Thank you dear Inda for bringing these pearls to this place...making me feel so fortunate...

Last edited {1}
Thank you dear Lilie.

This entire website is made up of the rarest
and most beautiful pearls.
They sparkle with 'LOVE.'


Images (1)
I am sure this pearl neclace would suit you well...

Do you recognize this way of collecting wild strawberries?



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What a wonderful,wonderful morning
The family is away and I feel free.
Took my bike to a nearby lake for a long
swim and there were a lot of white water-lilies

Dear Lilie,
I remember collecting those wild strawbwerries,
yummy, yum, and so good for you.

Here is something that is supposed to be really good for the brain


Images (1)
Dear Inda,

Are you sure these are blueberries?
Anyhow here is also something good for the brain, memory...


Thank you Lilie and Gisele.

The above are blueberries, but unfortunately not the wild kind. They are cultivated, but organic, and it is a very closeup photo.

Here is another healing plant,
the Purple Coneflower


Images (1)
hmmm I have come in to confess that I had my ice-cream today and tomorrow I'll go to the beach for a few days .... well at least I'll finally swim. But swimming stimulates hunger so strongly! Anyway tomorrow I'll enjoy the day .... not feeling guilty too much.

Wow, girls, I have enjoyed deeply your posts and pictures here .... I feel peace flow into my heart, preparing me for a restful sleep. But before going to bed, I'll look for some blueberries up in my Swiss mountains ...

Well you might not believe it, but these are from Alaska .... haha

Blueberries contain high quantity of antioxidants and they protect us from cancer also. Pilots are known to eat them frequently as they improve the ability to see, especially in the night. Vitamins do this. Isn't this fantastic?

Still I must look for some "Blaubeeren" ...
see how quickly I gathered them!

Love to you, sweet friends.
Margherita Smile
Ah, those blueberries I recognize from the forests here around, time for picking remind me

Echinacea is my favourit herb medicine, and I take it with the first sign of cold...

Here are some cloudberries, do you know them?

I wish you a wonderful stay at the beach...Margherita

With Love,


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Dear Margherita and Lilie,
For breakfast I had Strawberries and Blueberries, but I added Red Face some cream Razz.

I do know Cloudberries, and they are very good.

Here is something else that keeps the doctor away


Images (1)
Last edited {1}
What theese birds are called is length to our lives...

Dear Lilie,
Maybe we will know.

Now it is time to send out a prayer of love and peace for this beatiful website and for the Mother Earth.

Good night.
Love, Inda


Images (1)
Dear Inda

I pray together with you
in the dawn, that holds
us all...

Wish you have a wonderful
sleep and wake up happy


Good morning!
What a beautiful image, Lilie!!

Now after a rejuvenating sleep I am ready for this.
I am not really a good swimmer, but that is a minor detail Big Grin...hahaha


Images (1)
Dear Inda

I certainly agree with you, it is time for...water and wind...I had this in mind... here facts like swimming ability or doesn´t matter



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