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My dear friends,
I need advice and prayers please!!
I have become an insomniac to the point of where I can only sleep for 2-3 hours at a time. It is really starting to affect me bad. It may be menapausal, or it may stem from a neck problem I am having. It seems I have degenerative disk disease, arthritis, herniated disk and a bone spur in my neck. I am going in for a procedure on May 5th, A floroscopy epideral so the Doc can see exactly what is up and inject meds where the issue is. But, in the meantime, I need sleep. My next step is accupuncture. I've been prescribed ambien, a sleep aid, which does not work and makes me worse the next day. I'm trying Oil of primrose, valerian root, magnesium and an anti-anxiety med.Essential oils too. My husband even went out to buy me a Temperpedic bed, you know, the swedish bed, but that does not help.
Any advice is appreciated!
Sending love, 2Hearts


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My dearest Sandy, I am so sorry to hear of these difficulties to sleep! I thought you were an "early" person, as I often found your messages were written at dawn ...

I understand there are some serious physical problems and that you will have the necessary tests done. We pray together that these researches will be done in the best possible way to help physicians to individuate the perfect treatment. I hope and pray that it is NOT arthritis, as it is known also to be painful!

As you state that this problem began when Hank was ill, I would say that this could be the MAIN cause. A mother's heart is torn apart when going through such a tremendous experience with a child. Even though Hank's healing, for which we never stop to be grateful, surely has removed the deepest anxiety your heart knew, some small quantity of hidden fear might still be there ... It really is a matter of removing all residual source of fear. If you could totally surrender into God's arms and trust Him fully that He is taking care of everything, then you would be able to fully relax into HIS LOVE. I know, dear Sandy, that this is not easy. We may be able to do that when consciously reasoning, but with all our heart and soul, this requires total trust and letting go.

When once in my life I had a nervous breakdown and feared that I would fall unconscious all the time, I feared to go to bed and to fall asleep, as I thought that I would slip off to death and I was worried for my children. At that time I was given a book by Dr. Joseph Murphy and found a prayer to recite before going to sleep. It helped me enormously. I will try to find it for you. I have distributed that prayer to many friends in different languages. Some found it helped, some were not able to let go and so it was still difficult.

I think acupuncture also may be of help.

Most certainly it is mainly a psychological issue.

Sleep, as we all know, is of primary importance for our wellbeing, for body and soul. I am sure our soul soars high during sleep and nourishes itself to cope with life. So you need all this to work for you, my beautiful Sandy.

I will be back.
And meanwhile I hold you in my heartprayers.
I love you.
Margherita 2Hearts

In searching for that specific prayer I found this site about Dr. Joseph Murphy. He was a pioneer in blending science and faith.

About Dr. Joseph Murphy

I love this man with all my heart for the change he brought into my life. It was back in 1982 when I "met" him ... and he had already made his transition.

There are now an infinite number of disciples preaching these theories, but for me he remains NUMBER ONE.

Love love love .... SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP

Dear Sandy,
Sending prayers for your physical wellbeing and that you may be able to sleep.

As Sue mentioned all of us have trouble sleeping. I think it is related to stress. Nobody seems to have a stress-free life any longer. We need to slow down, but that is not always easy. Sometimes there are problems that we have no control over.

Sending prayers that the doctors will have helpful medications. I would also try acupuncture, this will not be harmful.

Vicky 2Hearts
Dear Sandy,

I think we all are somewhat deprived of sleep, and I guess it is related to the hectic pace of life that everyone seems to lead. You have had an enormeous amount of stress with Hank's illness..

Susan mentioned having a banana ; someone who went to a sleep disorder clinic told me that they were given 2 bananas just before going to bed. It may help.

Sending prayers that the doctors can help with pain relief.

Love, Inda
Thank you all for your advice and prayers. Yes, stress does take a toll on our bodies. I will try the banana's before bed tomorrow night. I have been at the hospital tonight with my sister who was hit by a car. She is really banged up, and some broken vertebrae in her back, but no internal injuries. Thank God. My heart still hurts to see her so swollen and stitched up, hurting. Things like this just make you realize how precious and fragile life can be.
I thank you all, from my heart, and know, I love each and everyone of you, always 2Hearts


My Margherita,
Thank you, I will be checking out the link for Dr. Joseph Murphy.
Thank you for sharing with me about your nervous breakdown. I can relate to the fear for your children. I still carry a bit with me. I am grateful for his healing, and I know Our Heavenly Father has his loving embrace around my son, also the angels, I feel this, but that pain of watching your child suffer is tremendous. It's hard for me to fully let go, maybe I can't, maybe it will be with me for the rest of my life. Probably...
I ask Our Blessed Virgin Mary for help with this. A mothers love and heart knows and Hers certainly does.
Your words are always so wise, thank you, I love you,
Baci's 2Hearts


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Sleep? What's that? I have suffered from insomnia for years. If I get a solid hour of sleep, I'm doing good. And yes, I do believe that stress adds to it, and you have had a lot of stress with your son's illness.

Margherita and I have gone back and forth for a while now with me telling her not to work too hard, and her telling me to get some sleep. It seems neither one of us is listening to the other. But you know I love you Colomba!

I think I have tried just about every known remedy for my insomnia, but nothing has worked so far. Tala, if you find a good cure, let me know.

It looks like everybody is having difficulty with sleep. Though I love to stay up late, because of the peace and silence, my eyes just close at a certain point. And I can't complain, when I finally listen to my body asking me to go to bed (and to dear Lynette!), I have no problems falling asleep and very rarely I wake up during the night. I don't sleep enough hours though, five to seven hours maximum, but that's not bad, in comparison to you! I try to detach from my problems before falling asleep, trusting fully that I can put my head on His shoulders.
If I manage to remain awake for two minutes, I give myself a two minutes healing treatment on my chakra number seven, for the harmonizing of body, mind and soul! Sometimes I fall asleep before the end of these two minutes!
Have you tried reading (maybe a book that requires attention, which you can't give when you are tired ...). When I am really tired, the book (even though I think it's interesting) falls from my hands, once, twice and well then that's enough I put it away and SLEEP. Yes I am lucky (recently the toothache gave me some problems though!).
Have you tried to say the Rosary, dear Sandy? I mean that's not really nice to use it to fall asleep, but Our Mother Mary will be happy even if you say just one Ave Maria. Sometimes when I had particular stress issues, I tried to concentrate on the Rosary and most certainly after a while I found peace and sleep.
Btw, it's high time to go to bed again!
Six hours hopefully!
Wishing all of you my dear friends to improve your sleep!
Love, love, love,
Margherita 2Hearts

Thanks Margherita!
I do pray and have said the rosary, in fact, I fall asleep saying prayers, or just talking! My problem is staying asleep. I try to fall back to sleep, but get frustrated! My mind starts going and I can't shut it off!! But I am grateful for all the advice and I in my prayers tonight, I will pray for all of us to get a great nights sleep!
I love all the pictures you post!
Sending love!


One sheepy, two sheepies, three sheepies... fffoooooooorr shhhhh... zzzzzzz

I hope I don't get in trouble being silly in this serious subject Roll Eyes
Originally posted by Lynette:
I don't meditate very well anymore either. Just as soon as I get into it, I hear a little voice saying "Mama, what are you doing?"
That is HIGHlarious dear Lynette! You would have needy baby voices in yer head.. he he.. Wink Love2

OK OK OK! I'm supposed to answer. Well let's go the spirit-you-all energies first!

Dear Spirit Univers thank you for our dear Sandy finding the perfect solution to her sleeping issues and being perfectly healthy and happy. Amen.

Still on the spiritual type of answer: here are a few things I (try to) do when I can't sleep: 1) I fool myself that I am asleep, sometimes I do this so well that I find I am asleep. 2) I read a technical manual, like an accounting methods book, almost guaraunteed to put one to sleep. 3) I do some kind of exercise that makes the body tired - yea that is a great suggestion Teo, telling someone to dance Samba in the middle of the night so the neighbors will come knock her out to shut her up! Googly 4) I know I'll get in hot water for this one... I eat a lot. Gee, maybe this is why I don't lose weight? Tongue DUUUUUUH!!! 5) I do my self-hypnosis affirmation positivity mental clearing.. It goes like this "10-9- you are getting sleepy 8-7-6- when you get to 1 the third time you will be in the relaxed trance 5-4-3- you are getting more and more relaxed 2-1 feeling more healthy relaxed and rejuvinated 10-9-8-7- finding yourself more at peace 6-5-4- all problems left behind, no worries 3-2-1 You are going into your self-healing safe place 10-9-8- when you are there you will take your two suggestions for your betterment 7-5-4-3- you will accept these suggestions into your inner self because they are for your own good 2-1 Now you are in your relaxed healing trance space. Healthier and happier. Relaxed and at peace. Suggestion one, don't bother people by talking too much. Suggestion two, being able to sleep soundly for however long is best. These suggestions will be accepted by your inner self.. etc. etc.. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 1-2-3- etc.. what happens there is that either I fall asleep, or else I get all the way through my self-hypnosis! he he.. 6) probably the best suggestion I could ever say... is...

Stay up all night on Givnology! OK bad joke.. Razz

I'm really glad you shared this with us dear Sandy. This is a so very important issue for so many of us, and there are a gazillion suggestions and techniques, I reeeeally am glad that you shared this with us. May we find the solution for Sandy, and all of us, for ever more!

Forgive me going on and on... hey maybe I'll bore you to sleep! well, in a case like what you mention, I often put two things against each other. Let's say... that book you've been wanting to finish, like the Bible, or something epicly huge like the Vedas or the Encyclopedia. What I'm sharing here is not just a sleep technique, but in general a way to deal with things. By putting the two things against each other, if you can't sleep, well hey, at least you read that monstrously huge book!

When I said that I try and fool myself that I am asleep, I sort of really meant it. I mean, some Zen masters maintain consciousness through all the stages of sleep. If you are lying still, not moving - except for thoughts, well what I'm saying is, if you simply stay laying there as if you are asleep wouldn't the body get the rejuvinating rest that it needs? Perhaps not because the mind should be in alpha then beta then delta then gamma then zeta.... states... hmmm...

If you are willing to have pins stuck in you, accupunture, maybe try having someone hypnotise you? Yea, there, Teo actually came up with somefin! Try hypnosis! Maybe self-hypnosis.

Along with all those suggestions above, it is likely that stress from situations like Hank's illness, your sister's health, these surely are taxing your energies. Hmmm.. this may be a case where you need to learn to detach from others for the sake of your own needs. I know this may sound selfish, but hey, if you aren't well enough to BE AROUND to help others, that isn't helpful now is it?

You may even find you need a banishing type of clearing your mental and psychic space. Some sage or sweetgrass (veeeery carefully - don't burn down anything!!!) type of incense, positive vibes to the 4 directions, ancestors, Jesus Christ, God, Angels, letting your spirit guides and helpers know that you need to detach from all those who you give so much energy and love to, so that you can recharge your batteries, and therefore be more able to help them more after you are well rested, anyway my point is, maybe a banishing of the attachments and "little strings" connecting your and other peoples chakras, let those strings dissolve and you allow yourself mental and psychic freedom to heal in your own sacred space, not worrying about anyone else at all for a while!!!!!!

You are under my spell! You will do as I command! You will be able to sleep serenly and peacefully, waking after as much sleep as you wish and fully recharged and vibrant! Do as I command!

Worth a try...

Sincerely hoping that you find the right solution for your insomnia dear Sandy. You are always such a giver, you truly deserve good night's sleep after all that hard work giving to everyone! 2Hearts Ladysman 2Hearts

Sending you lots of fence-jumping sheepies, sandman sands, angel fairy sleepy dust, compassionate energy and HEALING LOVE.

Rest well, dear one... Kiss

Love and light being, Teo Cloud9 Cloud9 Cloud9 Cloud9 Cloud9

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

You are so cool Teo, and funny!! Laughing
Seriously, you give some good advice. I do need to detach. I wake and think of all that needs to be done, or as when Hank was sick, I'd check in on him, or call the hospital to check. This is where I think I got into this insomnia. I wake almost in a panic, thinking I need to do something. Sometimes, I'm down the stairs before I am even really awake! I am going to try your advice tonight, if I get up, I'll come read your post...that will make me sleep!! Tee hee!! RaisedBrows Watching the circle go round and round will hypnotise me!!
Thank you Teo, you are a great friend.


Oh, BTW, after the procedure on my neck next week, I am going to call to set up accupuncture treatments. My Gyne, an oriental man, who I absolutely love, adore and admire goes to China every year to learn new techniques. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier. This man will help, heck, he's the only man whose been through everything with me,pregnancy, giving birth to Hank, divorce, to remarriage, through family crisis, He is wonderful, Now, I'm excited!!


Originally posted by Sandy:
...after the procedure on my neck next week...

Tongue twister? Neck twister? he he.. Bounce

Hey, I thank YOU dear Sandy! YOU are a great friend. It is a joy to come in to these forums and hear how ya' be! and who nose, we might just all learn somefin! Yes

I was thinking... I should have done THIS to help you sleep:

Snoring Snoring Snoring Snoring Snoring Snoring Snoring

Oh, and I wanted to add something else about a sleep / meditation technique I used to use, just a tidbit I like to share:

When you are about to go to sleep, leave your arm up. When you finally drop off to sleep, the arm falls, you wake up, and usually you remember some "inner conversations" or things that you would normally forget - you are asleep! I know this is like the opposite of a sleep suggestion, but it sort of fits into the insomniac topic... ? Tongue

From what you said above I am more convinced that you have so many people and things that keep you sort of stressed, they "weigh heavy" on your mind and don't allow you to just "zone out." I'm not saying you should zone out, but I have learned over the years that to meditate, or sleep well, often you have to .. like create a force field around yourself, I used to say and visualize "rubber reflective aura" to create a sacred safe space where I am at peace.

I also like some of the other suggestions in this topic, great stuff! Typing Book Idea

Other than some type of detachment or "banishing ritual" to sacrify your space, hypnosis really might be helpful, and I'm a firm believer in affirmations, for example, if I had your issue, I might say to myself before sleep "Thank you God for a restful rejuvinating sleep." and keep that idea in mind when dozing off.

I recently learned the song Libestraum on piano, I think it means "Love Dream" or "Dream of Love," and basically, how do we know that life isn't a dream? The philosopher Bishop Berkeley wrote a lot about that question. People from the town of Berkeley don't even know that! THEY ARE ASLEEP TO WHAT BERKELEY MEANS! he he.. Laughing

I guess I'm trying to talk you to sleep.. he he.. Aaah well, let us know how it goes eh?

Love and NIGHT-LIGHT beams, Teo Cat2 Violin Angel2 Snoring Snoring

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Hey hey!!!
I slept for 6 hours!! Not straight through, did wake up once, but went back to bed after 15 minutes!
I had a bowl of rice krispies with banana's before bed! Been eating banana's for the past few nights! But I believe it is all your prayers that helped! And the fact that I really tried to detach from everything and concentrate on myself, which is a hard thing to do for me! And of course asking the angels to assist me in a betters nights sleep! Maybe that's the key, eh Teo!! I think whenever I can't sleep, I'll come and reread all these wonderful posts for comfort! Thank you all!! YAHoo!! I slept!! Even with neck pain!
You all are my special angels!! Angel2
I do so need to concentrate on learning meditation and learn how to do the self hypnosis. Prayer I got, plus yours! Plus Teo's commands for me to sleep! Bounce Ladysman
From my heart I thank you!
I love you all!
he he!!! I slept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Grin


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This is great snooze!

Originally posted by Sandy:

I had a bowl of rice krispies with banana's before bed! Been eating banana's for the past few nights! But I believe it is all your prayers that helped! And the fact that I really tried to detach from everything and concentrate on myself, which is a hard thing to do for me! And of course asking the angels to assist me in a betters nights sleep! Maybe that's the key, eh Teo!!
see, there is good reason for blabology

It's probably all of the above, and having friends remind you how it is OK to detach and not worry about people and things, we feel guilty when we do that don't we! DevilTail

But if we don't detach enough, hide and forget worries for a while so that we can RECHARGE our love batteries, we really can't help them anyway! No one wants a worn out decrepid person worrying about them... so go get your "beauty sleep," you suuuuuuuuuure deserve it sweet one!

I am sooooo glad that this post has, at least for NOW, a happy ending! Yay! YOU HAVE OBEYED WELL.

Love and nightlight beings, Teo Book Snoring Yes Cloud9 Cloud9

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Hi Sandy,
I was just sort of browsing through this and I can say that sleep or the lack of it affects us all for various reasons. I send my prayers that you are soon sleeping like a baby. I have had problems with sleep over the past week.. but it comes from worrying about my Mom and Dad... see my post in the family section for more on that... anyway, sending love and prayers and Sleep Angels to you too! Snoring Snoring Snoring Snoring
Let's have a group sleep party!! We'll meet early in the morning, yak all day and then late at night, we can all hold hands and teach each other to meditate and self hypnotise!! Wouldn't that be fun!!! Heck, even if we didn't get any sleep, it sure would be uplifting to spend time with all of you! Teo would probably keep us all up laughing anyway!! jester Doggy



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