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Dear friends,

You surely know that I like to make up my own language, words like Tradigital, Natecture, Freeboards, Givnology and Funfillment.

I was thinking of my hyper-functional techniques like chanting red-orange-yellow-green-blue-purple-white with the major scale visualizing healthy chakras and balanced energies, and came up with the word: "Perfunction" by shortening hyper-functional-techniques. It is not too far from the word perfunctory, which means just getting the job done. A perfunction I would like to share is a technique I call:

Sum Sillily : It is making a pun or word-play that encapsulates something so that it can be shortened or abbreviated. The sillily part is important also, because we like to remember thinks that are fun, eh? Hey, there is method to my madness.. It is like I say:

"The Box" to mean the computer, the TV, all time-consuming-electronic mind-numbingness like that. "I'm going into the box!" means I am going to lose myself in techno-babble for a while on discussions, or mind-deadening TV.

"Nesimplicity" is only what is necessary. KISS=keep it simple stupid!

"Perfunctions" are super healthy techniques, well, hyper-functional practices like my dancercize, composing and playing music, sharing love on boards...

"Confusticating" is when someone makes something more difficult than it is, like having you fill out form after form to do a simple thing.

"12ing" is when someone overanalyses your birth chart or palm or retina and tells you mystical words that you must know. Mystic shouldn't mean fooling other people into thinking you know something they should know...

"Snake Oil Selling" is when someone makes mystical gobbledy-gook out of something cosmic like "you must light the candle with a petrol lighter, face east and chant Om" or "you need my expertise to align your quatruse chakra's subtle aspects."

"Om Work" is when I think for some reason that I should share all varieties of mind-bending spiritual babble, and make people waste even more time on the computer with my epic long typingations...

"Crashing down reality" is when someone brings the light of logic to an overmystified thing: "what is the market for continuous play web sites like a spoken sun salutation Teo?" "Does aligned balanced chakras improve the bank account?" or "The important thing about candles and incense is not to burn down the house!!!"

So to sum this up (sillily of course), hopefully our sharing of ideas and compassion helps us all re-realize that this place is heaven! Amen.

Love and light being, Teo Kiss Nut Wizard Book Angel Angel

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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OK, you "created" the word perfunction. I created the concept of perfunctions! He's a legend in his own mind! he he.. Bounce

Lucky I put that "s" on there or you would want me to pay you for using the word hum? And I have to say, your perfunction is not "one of my perfunctions," my word is short for "hyperfunctional techniques." I would be interested in your definition of your word perfunction! Come on.. oh well.. I tried.

Webstimological givnologizing: Perfunction is a web site here: and the graphic above is from there. No actors or real living things are meant to be represented by our fictitional verbal character: "Perfunctions." Any similarities are completely coincidental.

Love and perfunctions 2 u all, Teo Cool Cool

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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