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Self-observation is very difficult. The more you try, the more clearly you will see this.

At present you should practice it not for results but to understand that you cannot observe yourselves. In the past you imagined that you was and knew yourselves.

I am speaking about objective self-observation. Objectively you cannot see yourselves for a single minute, because it is a different function, the function of the master.

If it seems to you that you can observe yourselves for five minutes, this is wrong; if it is for twenty minutes or for one minute--it is equally wrong. If you simply realize that you cannot, it will be right. To come to it is your aim.

To achieve this aim, you must try and try.

When you try, the result will not be, in the true sense, self-observation. But trying will strengthen your attention, you will learn to concentrate better. All this will be useful later. Only then can one begin to remember oneself.

If you work conscientiously, you will remember yourselves not more but less, because self-remembering requires many things. It is not so easy, it costs a great deal.

The exercise of self-observation is sufficient for several years. Do not attempt anything else. If you work conscientiously, you will see what you need.

At present you have but one attention, either in the body or the feeling.

-G. I. Gurdjieff, "Views from the Real World" page 88

I am enjoying observing myself learning from Gurdjieff.. he he.. and I wanted to share these lessons.

Sometimes he uses the metaphor for the house of the self, and in most "houses" only the servants are doing basic housekeeping.. the master rarely appears and brings it all together.

My favorite metaphor for the "centers" is this: the Horse, Driver, and cart/Master. The body/horse just does the work, the driver/emotions tells the body WHAT to do, but the master must tell the driver what to tell the horse - this is the thinking center. My own inversion or synthesis is: 1) Butt, 2) Heart, 3) Brain. And.. it IS working! Gurdjieff has much wisdom, as does our own Dr. Deepak Chopra.

These practices are very close to things Deepak says, and with both confirming these things, I truly believe in them.

I believe that the process of us sharing words in these discussions really helps self-observation. Looking back at previous posts or replies I am.. well.. observing myself. This is great work.

May we all learn self-observation and self-mastery leading to higher awareness. Amen.

Love life and light, Teo Wink Wink

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Thank you Teo,
For sharing more of the Gurdjieff wisdom. Idea

How thick is this book Book???
Now I have to try Walland try Walland try Wall to observe myself and do a lot of homework Book Typing Book Typing,
but as you mentioned it is good exercise Nut for the brain, and I do enjoy reading Book and thinking Nutabout these quotes.
At some point there will be an awakening Idea Snoring Bounce

So keep on posting. I am glad Vicky is printing out stuff, very soon we have a book Book Bounce
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Smile There is a place of self-observation that is soul based or spirit based - those moments of "seeing" with an inner knowing that we are being seen, known, understood, loved, accepted, by the Creator of the Universe and part of a greater whole while still filling up our own space. It's wounderful, it's humbling.
Hi Teo Wave

We have been looking at all your posts again.
Who is the observer? If it is the physical brain, it will be difficult, but if it is the spirit looking at ourselves, spirit sees it all.
As well, we all all co-creators with the creator, we are all 'One'. If I look at you or in the mirror, I see God.
I guess it all depends on how deep within we can go???

This is our lunch-hour PacMan...
Food for the brain Idea PacMan Idea

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