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Dear Administrator,

Meditation is the way I get in touch with
my SELF; the deeper into the inner silence I am able to go the more in touch I am able to get with the SELF.

I let myself become aware of the feelings that trouble me the most and ask my SELF to help me to deal with the particular problem, how should I handle this? If possible to give me an answer. Sometimes the answer comes immediately, but often it comes days later. I pay attention to coincidences and intuitions. To me these are a message from the

Going back into the inner silence, whatever we look at will manifest in the outer world.

Some of the things the SELF has taught me
are the following:

Accept and recognize God in all living things.

Accept myself as I am, and have love and compassion for myself.

Forgive myself for whatever wrong I feel I may have done, and forgive others.

Use thoughts, words and deeds that heal rather than wound.

Whatever changes I wish to see in the world, I must first make those changes in myself.

Never fight hate or unkindness with hate.
This will only send more of the hateful messages into the universe and the cycle of unkindness and hate will never stop.
Love is the only power that can heal all things.

Struggling against the universe in order to get what I want defeats the purpose. Sending out positive intentions and waiting for the univers to handle things is the way to do it. One should also wait for guidance from the

Accept things and everyone as they are in any given moment.

The SELF advises to cherish the present moment, and not live in the past or to worry about what never may come in the future.

It asks me to be at peace with myself and to send out a message of peace into the universe.

My soul responds to all beings with love.

God and Spirit, show your love through me.
This is all I want or have ever wanted.
Make a secret pact with me.
Let someone in my life feel your touch
As I feel it myself:
Intimate, tender, joyful, and healing.
When this happens, don't let them see me,
But only you.
No one needs to know that I am in you and you in me.
We'll keep our secret until eternity.

~Deepak Chopra
The Deeper Wound
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Dear Inda,
This is very revealing. Made me think that there is truly a difference in being self conscious and having conscious awareness of THE SELF(GOD). He even knows the numbers of hairs on our heads--such a close relationship we can have with our Creator.
Filled with Blessings...



We are living Miracles....

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