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Dear Margherita,

I love the little Degas sculptures that you have shared with us. As Vicky mentioned, the different fabrics he used for his ballerina are truly a very current idea. Thank you for sharing the beautiful exhibit with us.

The delicate Giacometti almost fits in with the Degas. Thank you Vicky.

Love, Inda
My friends, I greatly enjoyed all the sculptures you posted. From Egypt now I will make you jump in full Renaissance period, by sharing with you this Statue by Michelangelo, which I have admired today during our 4 hour tour in the center of Rome discovering (or rediscovering!) incredibly beautiful Renaissance buildings, paintings and sculptures.

I loved this Risen Christ by Michelangelo. Our guide said (and we could see this too) that this Statue lacks the enormous tension and energy of others by Michelangelo (Moses for example), it expresses PEACE, all is done, there is total absence of anxiety. Christ has overcome the cross. I don't like the "piece of cloth" in a different material, which seems added in a different moment. This Statue is in the Church of St. Mary above Minerva, which is an incredibly beautiful Church too.

Love, Margherita
Dear Margherita,

Michelangelo's "Risen Christ" is awe inspiring.
The light is wonderful on the second image.

I agree with Vicky, we are very grateful that you share so much of beautiful Rome with us.
I was there a long time ago, and have forgotten many of its magnificent treasures.

Dear Vicky, the modern cross is lovely.

Here is The Boy Michelangelo
Galleria Pitti, Firenze


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Dear Teo,

I am trying to get in contact with you for the following reason. I have been searching the web for a symbol of the flower of life for my brochure and came across one that I believe you have posted a couple of years ago on a physics website. I am a registered psychologist and also do some vision healing work following my training at the clairvision school. I want to use the symbol on the front of my brochure to represent my connection to this life force. Please let me know whether I can use your design for this. Thanks.

Love and Light

Hi Marlies,

Wow, so lucky that you reached out and found me! Though I do all the dutiful things to submit relevant pages to search submission services, like my music page and all Givnology categories and topics, the search engines rarely answer a search for Teo Vincent or Teo Barry Vincent music with one of my sites.. frustrating! Fire Bang Kick

The short answer is yes, but to clarify: I'm sure that I mentioned the source. I haven't designed my own flower of life, oh! Click this to go to our topic with the FUUUULL description:
Happy Spring Flowers (of Life)

From Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are by Bob Frissell

78. "After moving to the surface there is only one thing to do, and that is to make another sphere (Fig. 9-7). What you have then is a vesica piscis, or two interlocked spheres, which is the metaphysical structure behind light. And that was the first day of Genesis. Where the two spheres come together is a circle or oval. By moving to this new circle and making another sphere you get the next image, which marks the second day of Genesis...

Appropriate! Spring has sprung! jester I just realized, we need a Jack-In-The-Box smilie/graemlin!

You reminded me, I was thinking about this author - maybe because YOU were? - I wanted to find out anything online, his books are totally amazingly fabulous! Asian

I guess this is why I feel OK reproducing parts, to inspire people to search him out and get books, products, more info, wisdom for the ages, keys to the universe, yadda yadda, or at least, FUN! Tongue

Sorry to be so long winded, you inspired me! Those Flowers of Life are amazing, if not galacticly seed planting, and the Egg of life (Le'go my Ego! he he.. Googly) is one of the ways I create a personal Merkaba, 1-2-3 triangle on floor, 4 top of pyramid also zips down to bottom of top one, 5-6-7 top of 2nd pyramid, therefore 2 overlapped ones, vortex transports entity within to cosmic unitificationalismness... uhm... Aaah If you peek the chakras page here you'll see the full extent of creation which is the music octave which is the chakras which is the cosmos etc. etc..

Nice to see you!




Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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