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It's been raining, very heavily, in Switzerland. According to Matthias, the public swimming pool is "a bit larger than usual". On a more serious note, at least two rescue professionals have lost their lives and thousands have been evacuated.

Sending love and prayers.

Love and light being, Teo Do (Re, Mi, Fa...) Frown Surf 2Hearts Angel Angel

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Amen, to your kind and compassionate prayer dear Teo! The victims are at least six. We pray for their families and for all those who lost their houses in this natural disaster.

Now the situation should improve, but the damages are incalculable.

Yes, this was the worst catastroph due to floods in Switzerland in a century.

The swan in unfamiliar area

I called my brother Willi who lives in one of the areas where the level of the river Aare was frighteningly high and there have been floods. He said it was an impressive view to see what the river carried, at high speed. Entire trees and branches in great quantity and other material torn away at the river bank along its course.

May the situation quickly improve.


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