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Dear Friends,

Our Gisele was diagnosed with breast cancer. She will be going into hospital any day now for surgery to remove the tumor. There will probably be a follow up with either radiation or chemotherapy, neither one of which is good.

Aside from all this she has serious eye trouble caused by ultraviolet radiation while living in Africa without proper eye protection. One of us has to help her read and post on Givnology. She can see the images but typing is difficult. We often print things out for her so she can use her magnifying glass with a good light. She tells us what to post. She is very fond of Givnology and is proud to be a member on this board.

She does not know that I am posting this, but I will tell her later and print out any replies which I know she will appreciate.

Please join me in prayer that the cancer will be cvompletely removed and that her eyesight will remain stable.

Thank you.
Love, Inda
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I join in prayer for dear Gisèle. May the surgery be a full success and may she recover quickly. May the Angels assist her and help her to cope with this challenge serenely and make her trust in God’s love and healing power.
I also pray for her eyes, trusting that there will be a treatment that will improve her sight.
Please, dear Inda, let Gisèle know that I hold her in my heart and prayers.
May she know and feel how much we care and how much we love her.
Love and hugs. Margherita 2Hearts

I’m open to love,  my heart invites you to dance,  come share my delight

senryu by Margherita


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I just came across this message in my mail and I thought of Gisèle. This is certainly a very positive attitude which we should make our own: - Daily Inspiration:

The power of a prayer exists in direct proportion to the degree of
gratitude contained within the prayer.

The most extraordinary prayer I have ever heard is one sentence I find
myself saying continually throughout my life: "Thank you God for
helping me to understand that this problem has already been solved for

This prayer has moved me through the most difficult moments in my life
into peace and equanimity and even serenity.

EXCERPTED FROM the article:
Life is Your Prayer
by Neale Donald Walsch.

TO READ MORE of this excerpt, go to:

Love, Margherita
My dearest Gisele,
Know my love, heart and prayers are with you. You have some trying times ahead, yes, but trust in the Lord in every treatment and surgery. My Mom is breast cancer survivor, 8 years now, and the knowledge they are gaining on breast cancer is tremendous. Also, you know of my son, Hank, who had lymphoma, I placed him completely in God's hands and he is doing well. It will be 1 year since his last treatment in June. There is so much power in prayer and we all are praying for you. For a successful surgery, for all the cancer to be removed. For treatments to be well tolerated, and for your eyesight to remain stable or renewed. Just the word Cancer is scary, but when you place it all with God, He will provide for your every need.
May God Bless you in this battle that you will fight and WIN. Just trust in the Lord, and trust that we all will be holding you in our hearts and prayers,
Sending my love,
I will be asking Saint Padre Pio, a special Saint to me and my son, to place prayers to the Lord for a swift recovery.


Joining in heartfelt prayer for Gisele; knowing that all things ARE indeed possible.
Giving thanks for all the blessings which are already yours, Gisele, and will continue to be yours.
Recently, when I was doing energy massage on a dear friend with cervical cancer (her surgery was very successful; they had thought it might have spread, but it hadn't)..while I was working on her I could hear her angels speaking .. saying ... "you are NOT alone, fear not for we have NOT forgotten you, even now we carry you..." (deep down she had been feeling that God had forgotten her)
I told her to embrace her body, that all was in perfection (she had felt in her heart that a part of her was 'tainted' and 'bad')..we hugged and cried together, but mostly tears of joy, of humble recognition of each other and the truth...we, especially, as women, are only too good at nurturing everyone else and not ourselves...
I pray for Gisele that she be able to release all fear, and to rest easy knowing that her angels surround her, guard, guide and protect her...Dear Gisele, feel the love that surrounds you and fills you and IS you..visualize it pouring into you and filling you to overflowing, there IS no room for anything but joy and love in you...
with much love,
Dear Margherita,
Gisele sends her love and thanks you for the comforting posts .

She sends her regards and thanks to everyone for their prayers. It gives her great comfort.

The actual surgery has been postponed until next Tuesday. Hoping they will not postpone it further, she is very anxious to get it done.

Love, Inda
Thank you for your prayers Everyone, and the beautiful images. Gisele is very grateful and deeply touched.

The surgery went well as far as we know. They are keeping Gisele in hospital for a few more days. I don't know at this time if she will have radiation or chemotherapy. I will give an update as soon as I know. I do know that your prayers will provide a lot of healing energy.

Sincere regards from Gisele.
Love, Inda
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Thank you dear Inda for the update, which sounds very positive.
I am happy that Gisèle is out of the hospital, enjoying a coffee with Sue.
I think Gisèle knows what's best for her and we shall continue to hold her in our prayers for perfect healing.
She has a positive attitude and the Angels are with her.
I fully trust in her speedy recovery!

Looking forward to see her here again soon.

Sending some flowers to welcome her home.
And much love.
God bless.
Margherita Smile

Dear Margherita,
I will send your beautiful flowers to Gisele. She really enjoyed the whole prayer post with all the beautiful images. I am positive that all the prayers will help her to a full recovery.

Hopefully she can make it to our office or home computers soon; just now she is still in some pain and very tired.

Love, Inda 2Hearts
Hi everyone!
Gisele walked to the coffee shop yesterday to meet me. She was tired and bored of sitting at home. She is a touch lady. She was in good spirits, good sense of humour. I gave her the rest of the printouts of the prayer post; she is very touched by everyones' prayers and healing wishes. She has decided not to have chemo or radiation, she feels surgery was enough. We hope to have her on Givnology in a few weeks. She sends everyone her kindest regards.

Sue Cat Cat2
Sending love and prayers for a complete healing to you, Gisele;
You are so lucky to have such wonderful earthangels around you too! I am sure the Divine is working through all who touch your heart, Gisele...
Visualizing every cell in your physical and energetic body glowing with Healing Light and Love.
Blessings to you,
love, Viive

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