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This information comes from "Reader's Digest"
October 2008.

The little white puppy was born into a large litter in Verona, Italy. One by one his brothers and sisters were adopted and he was the last puppy to remain.

Tony Anzenberger, a young photographer from Austria came across him and the two became unseparable. Anzenberger named him Pecorino.

In photography timing is key, but each time the perfect photo opportunity arose for Anzenberger Pecorino would stumble into the picture and ruin the shot. Pecorino seemed to have an uncanny knack of knowing just where to be when the flash went off.

Soon the photographer and his four legged muse were journeying around Europe on a quest for a different kind of travel photo.

But after a brief period of frustration due to his disobedient dog, Anzenberger realized that the Pecorino pictures were the ones he looked forward to the most.

Doggy Doggy Doggy Doggy Doggy

This topic is meant to be educational; be kind to animals because they have a soul. Pecorino is a good example of this, and Anzenberger obviously loves him and takes great delight in his pet.

Pecorino poses in a sculpture in the Sicilian village of Gibellina Nuova


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Pecorino gets VIP privileges. In the church of San Michele Arcangelo in Capri, Italy, he was allowed to be photographed on the 245-year-old tiled floor depicting Adam and Eve's expulsion from paradise. Most humans are not permitted to step on this floor.

There are plenty of adventures left for Europe's most unusual accidental tourist.

A witness to the expulsion from paradise.


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A recent issue of Smithsonian Magazine features the story of Pecorino, a Tuscan-born mutt and companion of Viennese photographer Toni Anzenberger. Pecorino, whose presence in Anzenberger's photos was once an unwanted annoyance, is now the undisputed star of a collection of photos from around the world. Anzenberger waits sometimes months to get clearance for Pecorino to travel with him to various countries, and claims that the pup, though open to direction, usually chooses his own poses. He's a charmer, that's for sure.


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Anzenberger is clearly in love with his dog (in the nicest possible way, of course), and he admits to preferring the Pecorino photographs over his other work. He is, according to Anzenberger, a "very, very good dog", who often chooses his own poses but is not averse to being enticed into a suitable position by the offer of a dog biscuit.


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