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The Pleiades

Our dance

Do you hear the unique song
played softly upon ocean waves
by swarms of teasing sunbeams?
Do you feel the bright glow
expanding deep within your soul?
It shows now in your eyes
for me to contemplate this night,
as the pure reflection of moonrise.

See? We are this moment of light!

Move closer to me now
take my hands in yours
absorb me as I absorb you
so that we can die to ourselves
only to be reborn anew
you as me and me as you,
dissolving into the domain
of total and perfect adherence,
where our molecules blend.

See? We are this moment of One!

Now close your eyes!
Let these love sparks smile
and whisper to every single cell
to get ready for our dance
and the magical fireworks,
to make Universe shiver in delight.
Until our feet lose ground
and our bodies rise into the night
out of sight, falling upon
the perfect meadow of stars
beckoning from Above.

See? We are this! We are Love!

Margherita Smile
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My dear friends Yoko, Inda, Vicky, Gisèle, Sue, Silvie and yogieonefromobie, thank you all from my heart for the loving replies. You warm my heart. Enjoyed also your pictures. Smile

Have a wonderful week-end all!
Make it a special sunshine week-end, even if the sun should not come out! Here in Rome the weather is warm and invites to go out.

Love and joy.
Margherita 2Hearts

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