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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!
Nothing stands alone.

Do we think we burn separate from the
greater flame of our desire?

Even fire needs a breeze to feed its

Yet it's the wind that yearns to
taste the flame.

And to what holy dance do we

Do we lick the breeze for our

Do we spread ourselves wide before the
night...eager for the sweep of its

Nothing stands alone.

We are only what we dare to

Nothing more.

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Sweet as a Divine breeze; a whisper from God herself that you choose to eloquently share with us.

Thank you so much for never failing to reveal such sacred secrets, ever more beautiful with each chosen word you bless this page with... and every time I read your poetry again, they reveal even more beauty than the last.

Thank you...
I love you, beautiful One.

I think you are totally a llove magic technician! sweety Wizard Cloud9

Like spiritual tactilisms.. moust Book Typing

We are only what we dare to

Nothing more.

You 'touch' us in such a marvelous way.. you strengthen the strand that connects us with universal love.. while we are in the material world.. it is a great feeling when words can open our hearts and essences to the magnificent nothingness.. the everpresent love and voidness.. anyway these are the feelings that your 'touch' evokes in me, I'm sure reading your words is an experiential experience, for everyone a different responce, eh? It 'takes you someplace...' and what a loving place!!

I truly can't express in words my elation at you're sharing your beautiful poems with us here dear Eric! Applause

I was just at the lake visualizing some type of "promoting" you, like an interactive CD of your poetry or something.. I think it's good.. mental meat.. he he.. no, food for thought, for me, rather than the ranting raving about palortricks or even fussing about current 'covetization's' lake of any semblance of 'sacred art' or even just art that doesn't make one stupider.. Wall Fire Bang Aaah

Your heavenly words, and thoughts of futures of reading more of your words.. mmm.. Yum

how about an index.. the poems grouped into overlapping SETS, that each are a path.. and 'users' could somehow 'check' the poems as they read them, building their own inner work rites..

Boy I looove letting my creative mind go there! "Hey buddy, we're doing it!" he he.. Idea

Love n light, Teo Cool Cool Animated1 Abducted Angel Cloud9 Kiss Yes

Teo's presents: Givnology forums, tradigital music, Third Millennium Thinking, new media

When we appreciate our diversity we have abundance

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